Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life

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Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life

Excite Submit Student Life Challenge #1

Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life
Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life

Challenges are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes we wish to experience a life without stress and hurdles. We wish we could have everything we’ve always craved for at our beck and call, but unfortunately, life has its way of obstructing these wishes to become a reality by tossing us with so many challenges. If only wishes were horses.

Life is in stages; each stage poses us with its up’s and down. And student aint exception of this. challenges are like medicine, though bitter but acts as an antidote needed for survival.

My life as a student had literally taught me great lessons which I was ignorant of. It all started when I was still seeking for admission to study my dream course, I couldn’t make it with the first attempt, but as determined I was, I wasn’t ready to give up.

Finally, with the second attempt, I was able to gain admission to study microbiology. Though, not my dream course, but I was ready to give in my best to it. I remembered vividly the day I got my admission letter; I was so excited, the feelings of enthusiasm engulfed me. I thought by gaining admission; my stress was over.

I was going to study, then come out with the best result, get a dream job in a reputable firm, then start counting my digit and living the life of my dream. Little was I aware of the reality that it was the beginning of another phase of life, which also implies another period of challenge.

My first year in school, I was so naive and lost, the school system was different and strange from what I previously had as a high school student. For a few weeks, I found it difficult to adapt. The stress was nothing to write home about.

But gradually, I began to adapt as there was nothing I could do. I’ve had a couple of times where I was at the verge of quitting as a result of the constant financial demands from the school authority. It got so bad that the money I was often sent for by my parents couldn’t be enough to feed me, let alone, take care of my personal and school needs.

I was emotionally traumatized, I would stay hungry at times just to ensure I had money to buy my textbooks and lecture notes.
Scared of dropping out, I decided to combine work with studies. I took a part-time job just to ensure that my dreams of studying and graduating with the best result become a reality.

Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life
Challenges Are An Inevitable Part Of Life

It wasn’t easy combining a job with studies. At times, after work, I will find myself so weak to study. But I kept struggling.

I recalled the day I had exams the next day, after working for hours, I got so sick, my head ached. I picked up my book to study but couldn’t. I felt so depressed. Tears flowed down like drops of water. Was this how I was going to fail, I asked my self rhetorically?

Failure? Hell no!!!

The thought of failure sent shivers down my spine. I had goosebumps whenever I hear the word “failure.” I quickly got up, had some medication, rested for some hours. A few hours later, I was up again, feeling much stronger than I was earlier. I picked up my book and started studying.

I became lean as a result of stress, inadequate rest, and poor feeding. I kept struggling. As there was nothing, I could do. My other siblings were also in school and my parents weren’t financially bouyant. They were only petty traders.

At my leisure times, I would pick up some motivational books and begin to read, reading about successful people who made it in life despite their challenges often kept me going. I always told my self, if they can, I can too

I persisted until my dreams became a reality. I had the best grade, but one striking thing happened in my life after graduating. I began to think beyond being an employee to being an entrepreneur. I was inspired by so many books written by great people about their biography and how they scaled through despite their challenges. One which I would never forget is the book of the famous neurosurgeon…Dr. Ben Carson.

And today, they are being celebrated all over the world. The challenges I had as a student spurred me towards aiming higher. I kept assuring my self that if I was able to scale through that period, then nothing else could defeat me in life.

I looked inwardly and discovered there is a talent in me that needs to be developed. And instead of concentrating on applying for jobs now and then, I can work towards developing my potential in order to employ people.

Employers are human like me too. I can be like them; I always assured my self. And that triggered my interest in building a blog where I can easily share ideas. There is this urge in me yearning to impact value on people’s life. I need to grow my brand and make a name for my self.

Factors that assisted me during that period of challenges were.


Successful people are not just people who are diligent, committed, and optimistic. But they are people who have developed a consistent spirit and mind towards their life goals and pursuit.

They are not easily weighed down by situations. Despite their several failed attempts, they remain adamant in giving up. They are not scared of uncertainty; that is why they don’t get weary in trying up new ideas and innovations. They don’t allow their past experiences to grip them down, but rather, they derive their source of motivation from them.

The only end product to life pursuit and goal is death; this implies that what doesn’t kill you should make you stronger. Keep moving and never relent. Is not yet over till you purposely decides so.


Focus on The price to Get the prize.

Have you ever seen an athlete who is so determined to obtain the grand prize???

He is so focused and adheres to all the rules required to emerge victoriously. He spends his time doing thorough rehearsals and most times, hectic exercise. He forgoes the momentary pleasure by dedicating his time and effort in preparation for the competition. He disciplines himself enough by avoiding some foods that might jeopardize his chances of winning despite his appetite for it.

This should apply to everyone desiring to be successful in life. Price are those sacrifices we are expected to make in order to get the prize ( reward for our struggles) which includes, hard work, commitment.

Every success, no matter how enticing the prize seems to be, certainly comes with a price tag. However, regrettably only some are willing to pay such price.

We all want an easy and shortest route, forgetting that nothing good comes so easy. challenges often prepare us for a new phase of life. Hardly would you see a Great man that never passed through challenges and difficulties. Often, their biography testifies that. However, knowing the grand prize that awaits him at the end gives him the strength to push further amidst the obstacles and regardless of the challenges, focus and concentrate on the price.

Chinenye Blessing Nnamani


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