4×4 Chicken Coop: How Many Chickens Can It Hold?

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To raise chickens organically, you need to create a suitable environment that allows them to run and play. Keeping them in a cage will ruin their growth and make them sick.

Keeping your chicken on a healthy diet and raising them in a small coop is not possible. Therefore, your coop needs to have enough space to accommodate them.

4×4 Chicken Coop: How Many Chickens Can It Hold?

4 to 5 chickens in a 4×4 chicken coop will be ideal. If you have four or more chickens, you should never place more than five chickens in your 4×4. 

You can use the rule of 3 square feet for each growing chicken. In that case, six would be the best number. But 4-5 would be ideal.

The size of the coop can be adjusted according to the size of the chickens, such as a 4 x 4 coop for six small chickens. 

There is no way you can fit six growing chickens or six adults in that small space. They would become vulnerable to injury.

The chickens should be allowed to play during the daytime. And you need to let them run and play outside the coop. Only then can you put 5-6 chickens in a 4×4 coop.

If you do not have the space to let your chickens play in an open field, keep only four chickens in your 4′ x 4′ coop. 

They will have room to move. This will be sufficient for a growing chicken to become healthy and mature.

With a 4 x 8 feet chicken coop, you can keep 8-9 chickens. This will give your chickens more space to grow naturally. 

Usually, people keep 8-10 chickens in a 4 x 8 feet chicken coop if they have open space. They let their chickens run and play in the field all day long, giving them space to play and eat. 

So, you can keep 10-12 chickens in your 4 x 8 foot coop. If you don’t have that space, you should place eight chickens.

In a 4×4 feet coop, you can only keep 4-5 chickens to let them live happily. The deciding factor is your empty field which determines if you can keep more than five chickens.

How Big Should A 4×4 Chicken Coop Be?

If you have more than 6 medium-sized chickens, a 4×4 chicken coop will not be big enough. They will need more space to sleep and spend their nights without disturbing the others.

Chicken coops are mainly determined by their size and the number of chickens they hold. If your chickens are medium-sized, you can keep six chickens in a 4×4 chicken coop.

If your chickens are small, you can keep 6-8 in a 4×4 chicken coop. This will be big enough for your small chickens.

They will be able to walk slowly and eat properly. You can also take care of them there.

In order to keep your chickens healthy and happy, you should use a minimum of a 4×8 feet chicken coop when you have adult chickens without enough open space.

How Much Space Do You Require For 6 Chickens?

For 6 chickens, fewer than 110 square feet is required, taking into account that they will roam outside and spend the night inside their coop.

A chicken coop should have a minimum area of 18 square feet and a run of 90 square feet. Chickens don’t require a lot of space since they are tiny.

A minimum of 110 square feet of space is needed to keep six chickens so that they don’t peck each other and get hurt.

You can keep six chickens in a four-foot coop, ideally if they are medium size. However, if your six chickens are adults, it is not possible to keep them in a 4X4 foot chicken coop. 

In order for them to grow, they will need a four-foot coop, otherwise, they won’t be able to eat and live happily.

4 Factors Determine How Many Chicken Can Line In A 4×4 Coop

The primary factors in determining how many chickens can fit in a 4×4 coop are balancing, breeding, and nesting boxes. In addition to these factors, you may find others.

Achieving balance:

Your flock will flourish if you provide a healthy environment for them. This means striking the right balance between available space and the ecosystem’s needs.


Compared to other chicken breeds, some are more manageable in terms of space requirements due to their smaller size.

Nesting Box:

Find out how big your chicken run ought to be, how many materials you’ll need, and how far your nesting box needs to be from your house before building your nesting box.


If you intend to build a chicken coop, your most important consideration should be ensuring that it is the right size for your flock. Each chicken’s size and breed will determine the amount of space it needs.

How Many Nesting Boxes Do You Require In A 4×4 Coop?

You need two nesting boxes for a 4×4 coop. In a 4×4 coop, you can keep 5-8 chickens mostly. Some government websites suggest using one box for seven hens.

These boxes are not for chickens to rest in. They are given for laying eggs so you don’t have to search for them.

In addition, the 4×4 coop doesn’t have a large capacity. It can hold 5-8 chickens maximum. Therefore, a coop with two nesting boxes will suffice.

Assuming you want to raise more chickens and have a large coop, you will need more than the nesting boxes. They will fit your big coop and provide sufficient space to grow more chickens.

How To Set Up A 4×4 Chicken Coop To Raise Chickens?

These simple tips will guide you to set up and build a perfect 4×4 chicken coop for your growing flock.

Since it has enough space to keep your adult chickens, you can also use it to keep small or child chickens. You cannot keep too many chickens in your small coop.

Build Floor Frame:

First, construct the floor frame for the chicken coop. Cut the joists from lumber measuring two by four inches.

Drill pilot holes through the joists that are 96 inches long, and then insert 3.5-inch screws into the components perpendicular to the joists. 

Install the joists at intervals of 24 inches on center, and check to see that the corners are square.

Adjust Posts:

Ensure all corners of the 4×4 posts are square before clamping them to the floor frame.

To assemble everything, drill pilot holes and insert screws measuring three and a half inches long.

Frame construction:

Using 2×2 lumber, construct the frame for the opposite and front and back walls.


Finishing touches are important, but they shouldn’t be your last priority. Fill the holes with wood putty, and smooth the surface with sandpaper.

Several coats of paint structure will prevent the wood and other components from rotting.


It is possible to keep 4-5 chickens in a 4×4 chicken coop. It depends on their size. You can keep as many as 6 chickens in your coop if they are medium-sized chickens. 

As per the role, you can’t keep more than 4 chickens in your chicken coop if they’re adults.


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