Child Tracker App – Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone

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Child Tracker App – Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone

Child tracker apps are the best way to make parenting easy. Track your kids’ whereabouts, location and phone activities without chasing them around

Child Tracker App - Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone
Child Tracker App – Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone

We understand how difficult parenting is with digitization coming in the picture. Earlier, parenting was a wee bit easier with few parameters to keep in check.

Now, with the advent of technology and smartphone world, kids are out of control. But, with various child tracker apps coming to the fore, things have gotten a little easier for parents. 

Child tracker apps are the best way to make parenting easy. Track your kids’ whereabouts and phone activities without chasing them around. 

Now, let us know a little about what these child tracker apps are and find out why they are the need of the hour. 

Why should you choose Bit Guardian Parental Control App?

When parents think of a parental control app, they often make the mistake of evaluating high-end apps which offer the same services at a higher rate. 

Also, the second mistake parents make is going for an app that offers only child tracking as a feature.

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a better choice when it comes to child tracking, as this child tracker app displays a variety of monitoring and controlling functionalities. 

Here are 9 significant reasons why Android Customers love the app:

GPS Tracking

As you have already guessed, the app leverages GPS technology for tracing. The tracking tool is highly efficient, providing parents with an accurate location of kids. Parents can find child location with the help of phone using the Geofencing technology. Parents can mark virtual boundaries; if the kid crosses the pre-defined border, an alert will ring at the parent’s end. 

Over Speeding Checker

When your child is alone on the streets without any assistance of adults, it is imperative to keep a check on their road rage. Because Bit Guardian Parental Control app understands that it is challenging to be behind children 24*7, over speeding alerts help you keep a tab on your kid when they exceed the speed limit.

SOS Buttons

A panicked child is helpless and is unable to use their mind appropriately. Often, they do not have any clue what to do next. Now it is easier to track down your kid in an emergency, as soon as they press the SOS button. Kid’s location is detailed, along with the cry of help. And the loud siren will surely not let you miss the alert.

Call Blocking

Quite often, kids are in contact with people who mean harm to them. However, when parents identify such goons, they are unable to remove calling access from their child’s device. To block such unhealthy communication, Call blocker in Bit Guardian Parental Control allows parents to access kids contact list and block all incoming and outgoing numbers.

App Blocking

If you are sure your kid has access to unsuitable applications like dating apps, violent games, social media, adult apps, etc. App Blocker will provide the best method to view their list of apps and block unhealthy apps in a single click. Your kid will require your permission to access these blocked apps.

Track Stolen Phone

It is regrettable to lose your expensive smartphone. But what is more upsetting is losing your data stored on the phone. The Anti-Theft feature offers a new technique to not only track the device location and ringing a loud alarm to attract attention but it also helps in remotely setting factory reset to wipe all the confidential data of your kid.

Easy to Use

The app is the best choice for newbies. You need not be technical to understand or operate the app. Every functionality is described well, and the controls are well-guided for users. Chances of using customer support are meagre, but if needed, it is available. 


The app also provides a robust reporting technique. The report aims to get hold of a pattern in your kid’s activities- Panic alert, Speed alert, Geofence alert, Requests sent by kid and Anti-theft. 

The Installation Process is Easy

Believe it or not, the installation process is a piece of cake and well-guided. You will sail through the process without any hiccups.

Child Tracker App - Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone
Child Tracker App – Find Child Location With The Help Of Phone

Find child location with the help of phone using a Child Tracker App

Most child-tracking apps in the market offer child location; however, getting the same service in a parental control app is like winning a jackpot. 

Parental control apps are the talk of the town because they offer a range of kid monitoring and controlling techniques. Right from blocking objectionable content to monitoring your child’s position, parental controls are an all-rounder.

Considering most kids own a personal cell phone, it is wise to go for an app like Bit Guardian Parental Control App that offers ways to control your kids’ smartphone addiction and at the same time provides channels to track their activities and their footsteps. 

Invest in a suitable child tracker app today and be carefree for years to come. 

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