Choose The Best PC Speaker

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Which PC speaker to choose to fully enjoy your PC Games and your music?

Stereo, Surround? 2.1, 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1? how many watts RMS? Which frequencies? At what price? Check out our tips for finding your computer speakers and selecting the best PC speakers on the market.

Everyone does not have the same use of his PC and does not expect the same qualities at the audio level. To sound Windows, a pair of “speakers” is enough then it takes 5.1 to enjoy the best of games and movies.
To choose your PC speakers, there are some essential parameters to take into account. Analyze then the destination, the clutter, the power, the design, without losing sight of your budget. Several other parameters are addressed in this buying guide to bring you to the speaker kit that suits you best!

  • PC speaker types
  • PC speaker – Stereo 2.0: the base
  • 2 speakers and that’s it!

For a budget of about 20 €: Cheap and of average quality, the absence of a subwoofer limits the quality of sound reproduction.
Speakers that will be more oriented to the office and a little multimedia.

Logitech Z313PC speaker – Stereo 2.1: the balance

2 speakers and 1 subwoofer, some of these systems are of excellent quality, wide price range.

The 2.1 speakers stand out from the 2.0 by the presence of a separate box dedicated to the bass. This separation of frequencies is beneficial to the overall sound quality because the emission of the bass (non-directional) no longer interferes with the source of the rendering of medium and treble. 2.1 speakers are always powered by an external source. The audio connection usually goes through a 3.5 mm jack but, when going upmarket, there are models with S / PDIF (optical) digital connector. The PC 2.1 speakers offer good versatility and give access to very good renditions in games and movies as well as for music.

Logitech G51.jpgPC Speaker – Surround 5.1: Immersion
From 60 € (the bare minimum), otherwise easily predict more than 150 €

Want to be immersed in your movies and video games as if you were there? In this case, opt for a 5.1 speaker kit. Composed of 5 speakers and a subwoofer, this type of kit allows you to sublimate the sound of your PC multimedia content. Enjoying full connectivity, it can also connect to your console, your DVD player …

  • PC Speaker – Surround 7.1: Too Much
  • Not suitable around a PC!

Even if Blu-Ray movies “go hand in hand” with a 7.1 sound, the clutter of such a system does not really make sense around a PC.

  • The quality of sound reproduction
  • The frequency of the speakers, expressed in Hertz

It is their ability to faithfully reproduce sound, from the most serious to the most acute.

In general, the builders are based on the capabilities of the human ear: 40 Hz in the bass and 20,000 Hz in the treble (although our ability to hear the treble is lost at the same time we win our white hair, and gradually decreases to the maximum threshold of 15 000 Hz)

However, even if our capacity as a poor human is limited, the wider the range of frequencies covered by the speakers (some up to 25,000 Hz), the more faithful, rich and full of nuances the sound reproduction will be.

The choice of frequencies also depends on the type of music you listen to most often:

  • for lovers of classical music, you must promote treble
  • for hip-hop, techno/trance, you will favor the bass
  • for rock and pop, it’s the mediums that are important
  • for electronic music and reggae, you have to consider both treble and bass.
  • for jazz, it’s hard to indicate references, because it’s really variable

The power

Watts RMS power of your speakers is measured in Watts. Among the different types of Watts, it is the Watt RMS that must be taken into account. Computer Speaker buying guide at saim deals have the list of powerful computer speaker and this unit measures the quality, diameter, and number of speakers. Generally 10 to 70 Watts RMS.


The design is an important point, allowing it to integrate into any place or on the contrary to bring a clean aesthetic signature.
As for a PC headset, the other point to watch this will be the accessibility and ease of use of buttons and connectors.


Logitech Z313 2 600x600PC connection to your speakers:

For 2 speakers and 2.1 systems, a stereo analog input is sufficient. For 4.1, systems you will need a S / PDIF type digital input.

The inter-speaker connections:

The elements constituting the speakers are connected by various cables. There are wireless connection modes, but only for 5.1 speakers.


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