Choosing a Laboratory Nitrogen Generators

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What are nitrogen generators and where it is used in the lab?

Nitrogen generators are utilized in hypoxic air fire protection systems to create air including low oxygen content which will restrict a fire.

There are two types of nitrogen generators which are currently in use in the fire sprinkler industry:

1. Nitrogen Membrane Separator generators

2. generators Pressure Swing Adsorption

How can one choose the best laboratory nitrogen generators? 

When it comes to opting out the best nitrogen generators for the lab then the managers consider the two main technologies which are used to generate nitrogen from air i.e. Membrane plus Pressure swing absorption.


Membrane separation technology is the heart of the nitrogen generators. It contains thousands of hollow fibers that press air passes through. The walls of each fiber are capable to pervade to gas molecules but some gases pass through easily than others.

The fast gases consist of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor, which passes through the fiber walls and are consume to the atmosphere while the steady gas includes nitrogen which may pass through the fiber wall much more slowly, releasing a high purity nitrogen stream at the membrane outlet.

Nitrogen gas molecules are higher than oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules, so the oxygen and carbon dioxide are removed from the membrane the nitrogen continues through. This moreover expanded the temperature. 


PSA nitrogen generators which are also known as Carbon Molecular Sieve used to compress the air from oxygen. 

CMS material contains cellular carbon with a suppressed pore size. As compressed air passes over the material the oxygen molecules are consumed into the pores, while the larger nitrogen molecules can pass through to the fumes gas. 

PSA generators can be estimated up to produce large amounts of nitrogen gas for the entire labs or production plus process industries.

Both types of generators release high purity nitrogen gas from compressed air, they do this in two different ways, which has a big effect on how they are designed and maintained.

What are the advantages of nitrogen generators?

Reduce costs:

Buying a nitrogen generator will help you to create a return on investment in as few as six months. 

Supply on-demand:

On-site, productions mean you may never wait for the shipments and delivering. Only provides you consistent and reliable supply means lessen product contains defects or rejections.

No product loss during transportation:

10% of nitrogen volume is lost as waste during the transportation process. In case there is an effective vacuum seal, tanks that are not put to work right away will make up inner pressure occurring in a diminished 0.4% volume reduction daily.Maintaining to rent tanks is similar to watching money vanish into thin air.

Purity control level: 

N2 generators are custom to match almost every volume plus purity demand. 


Increased safety for employees:

Producing resources and providing a safe work environment, is every employer’s top priority. Discharging nitrogen tanks means receiving rid of perils to the workers during diminishing different insurance costs.

Nitrogen is colorless, odorless and tasteless, making it impossible to find if things go unsound.



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