Common Assumptions In The-Minds Of Students About The Field Of Medicine And The Reality

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Common Assumptions In The-Minds Of Students About The Field Of Medicine And The Reality

Students looking to get admission in a med school have to go through a lot. The admission process itself can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. Normally, the process of admission can take anywhere between 4-6 months as there are many things that students need to know here. One question that students need to ask in this concern is that is there any genuine way to make this period short? I am afraid that is not possible as there are lots of factors involved here. Let me define some of them in the following few lines.

Long Admission Process can be a Put off for Students:

If you think that a long admission process is a given and students have to go through it, this is partly true but if you look deep into this subject, there are many aspects for which this is a real put off. Just think about a student who is waiting and waiting and waiting for the process to complete. Sometimes it becomes like a never-ending ordeal for them as they are stuck in between. They can’t look towards other fields as they have chosen medicine, but the long process can take a toll on them.

The counter-argument in this concern can be that some other tests like MBA from Wharton or going for law at Yale will also make you wait for long, right from submitting the form till getting the final call from them. But this is no justification for such a long time, isn’t it? There are many things for which students easily get bored and remain idle for months, waiting for a positive reply from the med school, is one of them. Even if they are going for the best caribbean medical school in this concern. And that’s where this long process can be a bit of a letdown for students and make them disappoint in the end.

Every Story Has Two Sides

But we all know every story has two sides. So, let us turn towards what’s the version of a med school here so that you can know if the concern of students is genuine here.

The Other Side of the Story: What Students Need to Know Here?

Any med school here need to make sure that they give every student, interested in admission in their school, a fair chance. While students need to be quite vigilant, there are various factors for which they face delays in applying for admission and this can take several weeks for them to eventually decide in which med school they want admission. Furthermore, giving every student a fair chance is done by scrutinizing the applications in a clear and transparent way.

If I ask you what, as a student, you think about the admission process, most of you would reply that it is a lengthy one with not much in their favor as many students eventually don’t cross the line and have to face the disappointment. There are some factors here that students can’t do much about like the number of applicants which makes their chance of getting the cut difficult. But there are many factors that students make things work for them.

There is another notion that students think about a med school and that is a high tuition fee. Let me shed some light on this aspect now.

Does All Med Schools offer Degree for a Hefty Sum?

Majority of students think that med schools try to offer them a degree with fees running into hundreds of thousands of dollars in total. And this is not limited to just one or two med schools as all over the world this is the trend, or so does the students think in this way. So, is this true or just an assumption from the students? Let’s make a comparison between several fields of study like arts, commerce, engineering, and medicine.

Meeting The Expenses

It’s all about meeting the expenses. We all know that engineering and medicine are really expensive followed by commerce and arts. There are many aspects for which you need to on song here. If you want to find the best medical schools in the Caribbean for getting a degree in medicine or want to be a surgeon or have an interest in the field of nursing, it will cost you more than most of the academic fields. So, if you need to study medicine at any cost, you must look for how to get a student loan to be able to study without any complication in the admission process and later on.
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