Competitive Content Marketing – The ‘Kind’ Of Marketing Your Business Needs Now!

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In a world where every single person is consuming content, data, internet-based and internet-driven resources at an unfathomable speed, one major factor that controls the businesses across the whole globe and is often the most ignored one, is the CONTENT. We mean, look the way the market giants are planning the strategies for all the brands these days. They are using videos that channel human emotions. For example, the car ads that feature generations sitting together to show that they are spacious; the insurance ads that comprise of a pregnant woman worried for the life after a baby; the destination wedding venue ad which celebrates the fact that you get married only once, so choose the venue that gives you the once in a lifetime feeling; and every other single commodity.

In fact, the products such as cakes and snacks feature mother and child bond just to address the mommies and kiddies around the globe.

Well, all of these ads represent the sudden trending of the marketing technique that channels human emotions and targets the customers from a different perspective. Though no one can deny the fact that this trend has helped many brands to increase their earnings, the fact that they ALL LOOK ALIKE is too big to be ignored.

Having addressed the issue, let us now explore the term “Competitive Content Marketing”, understand how it has been overlooked while designing the marketing strategy of almost every firm out there and how you can actually use it to give your business the RIGHT THRUST.

Competitive Content Marketing – Term Explored:

  • Though you can’t control the number of your competitors and then adopting the similar means of marketing for the similar kinds of products, you can always be a step ahead by changing your CONTENT and setting new examples every day. Competitive content is the content that keeps you in the lead and stands apart from all the similar content available online as well as offline.
  • Competing in terms of content not only changes the way your audience perceives you and your brand, but it also modifies the audience pool. Further, keep the online presence in alignment with the business. For example, if you have a books business, then having a domain name signifying the same is the best option. You can find a plethora of options when it comes to the domain names. To make matters better, you can make use of BigRock domain coupon and enjoy amazing savings.

Competitive Content Marketing – Some Tactics that will help you stay ahead:

To gain benefits that earn you profits, you should always be different, unique and still IN the domain. The following pointers will help you understand the ways competitive content marketing can help you grow:

1. Never Ever COPY and PASTE:

In case your business is content-driven and content-based, don’t waste your time, resources and efforts on copy-pasting. It will lower the quality of your work, reduce the interest of the already engaged audience and zero down the odds of gaining a new audience. Always remember an original and freshly developed idea is 100 times more effective than a stolen one.

2. Keep track of the recent trends:

Always stay informed of the recent trends in the content. You cannot address the ‘ONLINE’ people using print media only.

3. Always track your competitors across the globe:

Try to find how your competitors are doing things. Don’t limit yourself to the indigenous regions. Try to expand your horizons by following the trendsetters across the globe. But here also remember one thing. Don’t just COPY and PASTE; as the audience, its perspective and tastes are different.

4. The difference lies in the MINUTE Details:

Try to keep your audience engaged. If you provide digital marketing solutions along with the content management and providing; and you are currently addressing the marketing client; don’t just forget to tell what other things you can do. Don’t forget the online aspects of your business. Have a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to spell.

5. Don’t become a SHEEP in the HERD:

If you also wish to do video-based promotion for your brand that is concerned with insurance; then don’t make one like the very first you stumble on the internet. Try to find out the factors that are the true calling for someone to get insured. Try to include the facts that the modern-day lifestyle doesn’t offer a lifetime guarantee of even a minute. Try to urge people to get insured via a video that is compelling and not just centered around the regular spectrum of human emotions.

Competitive content marketing, when utilized and understood properly, can work wonders for you and your brand.

Don’t decide your limits by watching the works and strategies of your competitors in the market. Who would have thought that a statue of a small girl child – THE FEARLESS GIRL, could become a game-changer for the ‘fight for equality of genders’? Even when the statue has been moved, the spirit has been kept alive by the Govt. with the words – ‘Stand for her’.


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