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In the old days, companies would often use external media to back up their important files. Some would have dedicated storage area networks to do the job. But while neither of these approaches is inherently wrong, they largely relied on manual processes. That meant there was always a substantial risk of human error, such as forgetting to back up a specific folder. It also takes a lot of time to back up files manually, especially when you need to find out where everything is stored.

Acronis True Image for Mac provides complete cyber protection that combines reliable backup methods with proven antimalware technology. It’s a unique solution that safeguards all your apps and data without leaving anything to chance. At its heart, it’s a powerful disk imaging solution that makes a byte-by-byte copy of all data on a given storage device or volume, while also letting you create all-in-one recovery drives. But it also brings many modern features that keep your data safe in practically any eventuality.

In addition to mirror imaging and disk cloning, Acronis True Image is built with flexibility and accessibility in mind. After all, the amount of time it takes to recover your systems and data following a failure is often just as important as the data itself. That’s why it lets you retrieve files from a cloud-hosted backup no matter where you are. You can manage all backups remotely while having data synchronized automatically so there’s a minimal risk of human error.

Acronis True Image is also the only personal backup solution that includes built-in, AI-powered antimalware to stop threats in real time. It fights ransomware and cryptojacking and other malware and uses blockchain-powered data notarization to keep your backups completely secure. It also provides dual protection by automatically backing up your drive images locally and onto the cloud. That way, your backups are always readily available, and there’ll be something to fall back on even if you lost your local backup.

Granted, making a byte-by-byte image of an entire hard drive, many of which are multiple terabytes in size, might not sound like the fastest and most efficient way to keep your data safe. However, aside from making sure that nothing gets left to chance, Acronis True Image for Mac is also extremely fast, both when it comes to backup and the restoration process. Independent reviews even found that the cloud backups are up to 13 times faster than the competition.

What’s new in 2020 Update 3?

Effective digital protection needs to evolve based on the new ways people create, store, and use their data as well as the new threats that face it. That’s why Acronis True Image 2020 comes with dozens of enhancements, such as dual protection, an overhauled tray notification center, custom power management, and back up to selected WiFi. It’s a constantly evolving product that’s updates regularly to help ensure you’re ready to meet the new digital challenges of tomorrow. Update 3 introduces further improvements and more bug fixes. Also, Active Protection no longer turns on if the configuration file is damaged, and you can only log into the account if your device has the respective SSL certificate for extra security.

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