Conscious effort to make a stranger smile

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As gifting is a personal choice and not always an occasion, so you may require such combos every then and now.  So, you may keep on updating your shopping cart whenever the time permits and keep it on hold till the right moment comes. You may add or remove anything at any point of time and thus you may give it a thought and can discuss it with someone near or someone far (by sharing the online link with them). Isn’t this making life simpler and easier? Our florist modifications have significance in the evolution of flowering plants and are used extensively by botanists to establish to your blooming relationships.

A cheery on cake – For instance, you have your relatives and friends stay in Bangalore in India and it was earlier hard for you to surprise them with gifts or Cakes for various occasions. But now it has gotten so much easier. It is because Mickys online gifting offer these delectable cakes delivered from authentic cake shops in Bangalore, which keeps on mesmerizing the loved ones on various occasions. If luckily, you have relatives and friends in the city of Bangalore, then you too can now get the cake delivered online and help them set the spirit of any celebration higher. We promptly deliver online flower, cake or combo to other major cities such as Chandigarh, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai.

Having passed them a hundred times, are they still strangers to you?

Ever saw a woman in hospital leaning up against the wall, tired and stressed. “The people around here sure don’t give you any emotional support. They tell you they’re too busy saving lives to do that.” 

Mickysencourage people to perform small random acts of kindness in order to shine a little light of human decency in these dark, stressful times.Ever chatted for a minute and kept wondering why the elevator was taking so long. Buy a stranger present for her and we will be happy to deliver across India. We offer you considerable discount in case you have smiling story to present or have added smile to stranger face. “Things like this happen totally out of the blue! It’s when you are least expecting it.  I never in 100 years expected anyone to do that to me today” Our experience – (So what comes around does come back to you!)

We make a conscious effort to smile at people woman passed on the street — though we must admit that we scaled back on this one when that’s looks borderline creepy. We could have sworn that a woman actually pulled her child closer to her as we walked past beaming at them. Order cake or flower using our online portal and we can even deliver that anonymously.


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