Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes you need for Promoting Manicure Products

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Manicure products are avidly purchased by salons and individuals. The products include moisturizers, masks, polishers, topcoats, cuticle oil, and other items. Various cosmetic brands have signature manicure kits that they are selling to beauty salons and customers. If you already have a manicure product collection or thinking about launching one, custom packaging is a must-have to make your brand name worth noticing.

For manicure products that are different and better than others, you need compelling packaging to promote your distinctive items. For selling to businesses like nail salons, you should have professionally designed packaging boxes. A dependable printing service provider will effectively guide and support you in customizing custom cosmetic boxes for manicure items. You should have a look at contemporary cosmetic packaging designs and details to get an idea of latest trends. Here are some tips to help you with customizing packaging for manicure sets!

An Eye-Catching Cosmetic Packaging Box Design

The artwork of your packaging for manicure kits should be likable enough to get noticed. Use a light color scheme, images and a unique logo for the boxes. Make sure that the design details complement your product and brand. Your brand name and tagline should be printed prominently on the packaging. Avoid using too much text at the front side as is likely to give a cluttered look. The artwork for your packaging should be unique, original and engaging to retain the interest of the potential buyers. Hands and other relevant pictures can be used on the packaging layout.

Purposeful Cosmetic Box Packaging

The packaging boxes for your manicure products should have usage information, best before the date and net weight listed clearly. The products whether used by customers or salons need to have clear instructions on the application of a mask, topcoat or other items. If the polisher and related items have certain chemicals that can cause itching to sensitive skin, mention it on the boxes. Sharing all the important details of products on packaging is likely to enhance your brand’s image as a dependable business. Make a list of sought after consumer info and make it available through your packaging.

Custom Cosmetic Packaging with Storage Instructions

A shopper spending a considerable amount on manicure products would like to store them safely for prolonged usage. Salons get their stock of manicure kits in bulk quantity, storage instructions should be printed vividly on the packaging. An individual or salon staff should get an instant idea on how to handle and stock up the boxes for various products by having just a glance at the packaging. Use bold font and fewer words for the instructions to make them easy to spot on the boxes.

Cuticle oils, hand cleansing masks, and other manicure products are sensitive to heat, moisture, and other environmental factors. Cosmetic boxes wholesale for these items should be resilient. Ask for latest finishing options from the printer to add glam to the packaging. Your product boxes should have an attractive appeal and finesse as this will go a long way in promoting your brand’s name.

The packaging style of your boxes is also of the essence if you want to enhance customer satisfaction levels. An easy to open and handle box for manicure oil or scrub will make the users like your product.


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