Dance Deewane 3: Dharmesh, Remo D’Souza, and Raghav Juyal Started Crying Bitterly

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Dance Deewane 3: What happened in the grand premiere episode that Dharmesh, Remo D’Souza and Raghav Juyal started crying bitterly

Bollywood’s famous choreographer and director Remo Dsouza will be seen as a guest at the grand premiere of Dance Deewane 3 to be held today along with Top 16.

Colors Tv’s dance reality show Dance Deewane 3 is going to have its grand premiere today. After the mega audition, the stage of the last dance crazy has got their top 16 contestants in the tough competition.

Bollywood’s famous choreographer and director Remo Dsouza will be seen as a guest in the grand premiere with these Top 16 today. On this special occasion, the entire team of Dance Deewana is going to give a unique tribute to Remo.

In which, along with the whole journey of his life, how he won the battle due to heart attack recently, this time will be given excellent performance.

In the makers’ promo video, we can see that Remo gets emotional after seeing this tribute given to himself.

The performance begins with contestants dancing to the song ‘Mukta’ and then one of them looks to be lying on a hospital bed, while others are trying to revive him.

After a while, a voice begins that says, “Remo sir, the hearts of crores of hearts, the heartbreak in their hearts as well.”

Tears come in Remo D’Souza’s eyes

Seeing this, Remo could not control his emotions and became emotional. He said, “I think in my life, this is the first time I have become emotional after seeing the performance.”

Recalling the trouble that had gone through his mentor, tears started flowing from the eyes of the show’s judge Dharmesh and host Raghav. At the same time, the contestants of the show were also seen crying.

Dharmesh also said, “I have a prayer to God, if there is anything next, I should be there first, then you should be.” Remo hugged Dharmesh on hearing this.

Dharmesh gave a big break

Let me tell you, Dharmesh Dance India has been considering Remo as his guru since the days of dance. Both have worked together in many films like ABCD, ABCD 2 and Street Dancer. Dharmesh and Remo D’Souza have also been judges of many dance shows together.

Heart attack came a few days ago

Remo D’Souza, 46, is still not convinced that he had to remain in such a critical condition in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Remo started having chest pains during workouts.

When the pain increased, he was immediately taken to the hospital and the doctor said that Remo had a heart attack. Dharmesh was with him all this time.


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