Data Migration from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

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Do you want to convert your financial data from any accounting software solutions to QuickBooks Online? Then use QuickBooks converting tools and converts financial data from QuickBooks Desktop, Microsoft Accounting Office, Sage, or any other accounting software. QuickBooks online by Intuit is an online application for business management helps you to locate important financial data and transfer the data at no cost. If you manage your company or clients’ accounts books, it is important that you know how to processes and tools you can use to make a quick and free switch to QuickBooks Online. Read some useful tips that will help you to decide to convert any financial data from any accounting software solutions to QuickBooks Online as well know how to convert them in to QuickBooks online.

The Benefits of Converting financial data from any accounting software Data to QuickBooks Online

By using QuickBooks online you can create and customize your invoice and other sales documents as well you can add other user allow them specific access. It is highly compatible with Mac and windows operating system.

Convert financial data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

If you want to convert your financial data from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online then guide is very useful for you. Just consider some crucial points before and during conversion which are as follows.

·         Older version of QuickBooks desktop data cannot convert to QuickBooks Online. So, ensure you are using QuickBooks Desktop 2016 or newer version. If you are earlier version of QuickBooks then update it to the latest version and as well as also updates your company information.

·         There is character restriction in QuickBooks Online so be sure to make some adjustments on your account name and other data points prior to your conversion

·         You 60 days limit to convert financial data of QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks online after creation Online accounts. If don’t covert data within 60 days, then in that case cancel your QuickBooks accounts and subscribe for new account.

Process of Conversion

1.       Signup for QuickBooks online accounts, once you signup log in to your online account and create company profile and complete welcome field and avoid to enter any other data.

2.       Resolve all the issues and error with QuickBooks Desktop data before importing. The conversion process is automatic hence cannot do anything until the process is complete as well as information from QuickBooks Desktop replaces existing information in QuickBooks Online

Run Payroll Data


Want to run payroll and pay taxes before converting. Then make sure to mark those employees as Inactive who no longer working for company. Also fill out all the data about your current employees. Avoid gender and other personal information for QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online requires all this data about your employees before you can run the payroll.

Run Report

To make sure data migration is correct or not, run a profit and loss report and balance sheet in QuickBooks desktop before conversion for the review.

Backup Your Data

It is necessary to create backup of your company file to before the conversion process to restore the current financial data or information.

Steps to Back Data:

  1. Click on File
  2. Switch your QuickBooks Desktop to a single user.
  3. Click on Backup Company
  4. Select and create local backup

Export Company File

After doing all above mentioned steps export Company File

Steps to Export Company File

  1. Select Company Menu
  2. Click Export Company File to QuickBooks Online
  3. A window pops up on your screen, asking you to log into QuickBooks Online

Now complete the Conversion Process

After export of Company File, conversion process starts automatically, in this conversion it also transfer QuickBooks Payroll data. It takes times ranges from 1hour to 24 hours depends upon the file size.

Check your Data

After the completion of conversion of process. Check and your pre-conversion and post-conversion Profit and Loss Reports and Balance Sheets to double-check that all the data transferred successfully or not. Once everything check out go through our guide to learn the navigation process and how to use QuickBooks online.

Get Support from experts

Conversion of QuickBooks Desktop data file to QuickBooks online is crucial if any mistake you have made, you may lost data. So, it is better to ask for expert help for the conversion of QuickBooks Desktop to online. Dial the toll free number 1844-827-3817 and instant and trusted help.


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