Demand for quality in new buyers for new real estate projects

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The quality of a home is important to decide potential customers to make their purchase. However, and taking into account the specific details, it is important to know what type of client may be the one who goes to inspect the home.

According to some studies carried out, three main profiles can be distinguished among the possible buyers of a home. Knowing what each one will look at can help to better define the type of housing to be exposed to each person.

How do you decide to sell the finishes of a home according to the type of person?

Among potential clients, the most common is that their profile leads to one of these three trends: austerity, demand and pragmatism. Apart from the concrete design, and the quality of the finishing of the house, each type of client will be set in a series of concrete qualities.

The pragmatic client

This profile is the most abundant in the Dubai real estate market. Most people of this type are between 35 and 54 years old and usually live as a couple. They usually look for a new home to use as a habitual residence, but a small percentage may be interested in using it as a second home. The requirement of this client profile can be considered of a medium degree, in the sense that it tends to be less demanding with respect to basic housing benefits, in search of a lower budget outlay. This profile can be divided between two other types: the young pragmatists who still live with their parents, and who are looking for a first home; and the more mature pragmatists, among whom a growing interest in a second home is common. The search for improvement in housing and the opportunity according to the time of their lives is decisive for both, but it is always the vision of the future regarding the acquisition of housing that decides the pragmatists, even above the possibility to rent,even for the youngest.

The demanding customer

This type of client is usually between 25 and 35 years old, and usually lives as a couple. The most common is that they look for a house of habitual use. The time of life and the improvement of housing are the most important factors for the decision making of this buyer profile. They tend to look for houses of little antiquity, preferably new and with at least three or more rooms, usually in the same locality where they already reside. These profiles attach great importance to all aspects of the home of your interest, with special emphasis on the concepts that involve increasing comfort and convenience, such as the existence of the garage space of the property, storage room, terrace, that the house has quality materials, and that there are services in the vicinity. The price and the absence of an offer that meets all your expectationsis the usual cause of sales that are not completed for this profile.


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