Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Therapies

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Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Therapies

Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Therapies
Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Medications, and Therapies

Depression is a silent, inner disease. Symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Some patients’ symptoms are easily seen by others or noticed by others, but for some patients, no symptom is noticed.

Definitely, there are major changes in hormones.

Who changes these hormones inside your body?

You only change your hormones and you are not aware of this. Depression is such a disease where patients do not feel or see the symptoms whereas others can see it. If you are in the initial stage of depression, then you can easily remove your depression by self-counseling.

When you do feel that you are not getting interested in any work, you are progressing in the depression path. If you don’t take necessary action at this stage, it will be very difficult for you to do self counsel at later stages; you can’t be cured without the help of doctor and medicine.

How do you determine that you are moving towards depression?

These are the initial symptoms:

You always feel that you are worthless, you have no use on this earth and you can’t do well for others. You are not feeling doing any activities. You feel to be alone always. When people of your surrounding do fun, laugh, you can’t enjoy with them. You become silent even within your family.

You don’t like to celebrate any occasion. You always feel irritated and feel that people of your surrounding are progressing a lot, but you are not.

If you avoid the above-mentioned symptoms, then one day you will get no interest in eating also. You will get no interest in getting up from bed in the morning and also you will not feel like sleeping at night.

The whole night, you will be awake and in the morning you will start sleeping. You will be overcome with drowsiness during the daytime.

You will not feel comfortable in accepting any change in your life. You will like to be static. Some changes may appear to recover you, but you will not feel the necessity of those changes.

Whenever someone goes under depression, the good changes are being ignored. As a result, his depression attracts him.

When you are noticing the initial symptoms within you, try the following things to walk on the road against depression.

Start self-appreciation. Try to remember some past moments when you have made other proud / laugh for good reason. Try to remember the past history of small success. Compare with the people who are struggling with life at hospitals, who have lost his/her both parents and taken shelter in an orphanage. Look at the beauty of nature. In this state, you will not like to bring flowers to your home, still, you bring it.

Take some blank papers, do whatever you like with the help of a pen, pencil, and eraser. Watch /listen to some motivational speech. Never see negative or sad story at this phase. Don’t read storybooks except for motivational books.

Eat some new foods. New foods will bring a new test which will help you to change your test towards life. If possible, go to some shopping mall or some shops and buy some new clothes.

Wear new dresses, beautify yourself. When you will do all these things, the hormones which are responsible for depression, will not have secretion. After doing all these things, you will slowly feel better and then you involve in some activities, preferably, in your hobbies.

Try to find those activities which you love most. Do all those activities. After involving in some activities, when you will energetic in your work, try to find a job which will be an earning source. For students, try to involve in social service, definitely in your free time. Then, gradually you will start thinking positive.

You start meditation daily in the morning. Meditation is a big subject and not an easy job. If you can’t concentrate in your mind, you just sit idle daily 10 minutes. While you will be in an idle position, a lot of thinking will appear in your mind. To avoid these, say something (some prayer, some mantras) without moving your lips.

If you can’t overcome your initial stage, it will be very difficult to recover yourself. When you come to know that you are moving towards depression, don’t try to do meditation, it will not work. You have to move slowly and deliberately, step by step as mentioned above.

Depression is such a worst disease that it may lead someone to commit suicide. This disease is different than other diseases. It kills slowly. Sometimes, Doctors also fail to treat these patients.

This is such a disease where the patient becomes his / her own doctor. Until unless the patient does not start doing those activities as mentioned earlier, it does not become possible to make him /her free of depression.

Here, patients only have to change their views towards life which is very difficult for them. Patients should nurture about spiritual life, spiritual books. It is such a disease where your thinking matters a lot.

Your internal energy decides whether you will be cured or not. It seems as if someone is existing inside your mind and it listens to you.

If you instruct it not to do secretion of the depression hormones, it will not allow hormones to have secretion. It seems that someone disciple of you and having enormous energy is lying within you.

It follows your instruction only. Think a lot before instructing. You can’t fulfill your inner desires, but it can fulfill. It is only energetic, but it does not have any humanity. If you feel happy doing harm to others, it can sense that. It will try to do harm to them which you want secretly.

If you want to call depression, if you love not doing activities, it will help you with strong determination. Due to its strong determination, those depression hormones will have secretion. So, power is within you. Power does not know in which direction it should work.

Power has the capability to complete the work but power does not have a sense of humanity. Power can’t recognize which work is good and which one is bad.

Power is constantly telling you –“You instruct me, I will do whatever you will say. I just want to help you always”.

Medicine of depression is within you only. You have to find it. If you can’t find it, study some spiritual books, watch some spiritual videos and do all those activities (hobbies) which you love.

Let us make a depression-free world, a suicide-free world.

Let us make a beautiful world. God bless this entire Universe.



Tanusri Sen

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