Dieting By Numbers – Gain Muscle & Lose Fat Simultaneously

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Gaining muscles along with reducing body weight is hard and its not easy for everyone to do. All together for a healthy weight loss plan to be effective, the end result ought to be a drastic change in body physique, intense reduction in muscles fat, toned muscle. But tragically, most of the diet plans fails or not reaches our expectations, the dieters either surrenders or they starve themselves, shedding bulk and basically ending up with cut back variant of their old body. Incidentally, the last case more over adds to future weight pick up, as the digestion ease back to a creep and the body goes into “starvation mode”. Under these harsh conditions muscle to fat remainders is saved to the detriment of metabolically expensive muscle tissue.

While the majority of people would not eagerly starve themselves to shed pounds, regular practices of essentially wiping out a super or sometimes dinner. Many individuals skip breakfast, or sometimes only eat lunch, after that have a huge super toward the day’s end. This occasional sustaining result in drastic change in digestion and metabolism, and the body is basically ready to store much fat as could be expected toward the day’s end. The metabolism backs off so much that body fat is protected, and weight loss goes to a dramatic end.

·         ProteinIntake :


Protein is the building blocks of muscles and organs. Protein should be added to your daily diet plan for better results, but if anyone has a tendency to eat more protein they required can lead to serious side effects. We will utilize protein allow as the beginning stage just to decide what number of calories you required from fat and carbs. Once your protein necessity is setup, we will proceed onwards to fat and carbohydrates. In my opinion you should get 1-1.5 grams of protein for lean mass, for example your weight is 200lb and your lean mass is 160 lb, which means you required 160-240 grams of protein.

·         Carbohydrates :


As we know we need 26% of protein in our regular diet. Now move on to how much carbohydrate we need to take for building up muscles and reducing fat. Carbohydrates is one of the extraordinary muscle saving vitality source. This specific macronutrient works along with proper diet plan. Sources such as vegetables, wheat especially wheat bread and wheat pasta and rice are highly rich in carbohydrates. 15-40% carbohydrate should be taken by a healthy person in its diet. According to many researches our body need 188 grams of carbohydrates to fulfill its requirements.

·         Fat :

Last but the not the least, how much fat we need to take for muscle building. So far we discuss that 38% of our calories coming from protein and 30% from carbohydrates. So 32% is left, so 30% of calories are coming from fat. Fat is very essential for various body functions. Fat helps in maintaining hormonal imbalance, helps in reducing fat and enhance energy level. Source like walnuts, olive oil, almonds are rich in fats. A healthy human body should take 9 kcal/gram of fat daily.


Those people who intake less amount of fat in their diet are shocked or confused at my opinion, no worries you won’t get fat more unless you take high amount of fat. Walnut is the main source of fat ¼ cup of walnut has 20g of fats.


Controlling your eating routine, thusly portrayed will enable you to keep up or even helps you to build muscle while decrease calorie intake.Calorie limitations or calorie restriction is the basic law of weight reduction. Decrease carbohydrate intake and increase fat intake can radically enhance the adequacy of diet enables you to lose weight and grow your muscles, which results in dramatic change in your physique.


Conclusion :



I know its not an easy job to gain muscle and to lose weight both at the same time, but if you adopt all these things like intake of 38% of protein in your diet, 30% of carbs and the remaining % fat you can easily lead  to gain a sustainable amount of lean mass and simultaneously able to lose weight. So just take these things in your daily diet and you will see your desired results soon. 

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