Do Female Canaries Sing?

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Do Female Canaries Sing?

The name “canary” is used to describe any of the singing birds that belong to the finch family, but specifically refers to the golden canary. 

The canary is a social bird and is often kept as a pet. Another interesting fact about canaries is that females are called hens. 

We’re going to discuss whether female canaries sing in this article today!

Do Canaries Sing?

Female canaries have the ability to sing, but they don’t do it as often as male canaries. Their singing ability is not always so clear and pleasing to the ear. 

Some female species of canary are even known to be non-singers. Female canaries mostly spend their time breeding and hatching eggs.

It’s widely accepted that female canaries are able to sing.

Female Gloster Canary:

The female blue Clare canary is a small flock of birds that grows up to not more than four inches. They are available in various colors.

All variants of the green female, yellow female, and cinnamon female gloster canaries are equally famous.

Female gloster canaries are known to possess singing voices. With their innate ability to sing, they present a great opportunity for any potential breeder.

But while these types of birds are not bred to sing, they can sing naturally because of the beauty and melodic quality to their song.

The thing about female gloster canaries is that they don’t sing as smoothly as the males. The males are much better singers than females.

Females canaries will sing but not as often or well as males.

Female Red Factor Canary:

Red factor canaries are famous for their red-colored bodies. These breeds of canaries aren’t bred for singing, but the colors will sometimes change depending on what they eat.

Female red factor canaries are not known for their singing. In fact, male red factors canaries are the singers. They sing to grab the attention of female ones.

Female red factor canaries are better known for building nests. Male red factor canaries are the ones who sing to attract the attention of their owner and its partner.

Female red factor canaries are not seen singing, and they mostly stay to themselves while building nests and nesting eggs.

Why Is My Female Canary Singing?

Canaries of either gender can occasionally be found singing. But the male canaries are typically thought to be the singers. The reasons your female canary might sing include:

Rising levels of testosterone:

Female canaries are not known for their singing. They sing very rarely, and usually only when there is a reason behind it.

One of these reasons is the rising testosterone level in the air, which triggers them to sing! When the testosterone level inside the brain of female canaries rises, they start to sing.

One reason this is so is because some scientific research shows that the testosterone level can release new neurones in the female canaries’ brains, which will make them sing.

New neurons can make the female canaries sing more often.

After getting a new partner:

It’s believed that only male canaries sing after getting a new partner. However, sometimes female canaries are seen singing as well. They usually sing in order to attract their partner.

When you bring a new male canary into the cage, your female canary is going to start singing.

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF):

Just like humans, canaries have a protein called BDNF inside their brains. And an increase of BDNF can make the female canaries sing and behave erratically.

How To Make A Female Canary Sing?

The best way to get your female canaries to sing is by using a number of different methods. They are:

Song recordings:

For starters, you can let your female canary listen to recordings of the songs of other birds.

If you want your female canary to sing more often, give it this toy! It’s believed that wild canaries learn to sing by listening to the songs of other birds.

Pair with a male canary:

Male canaries are known for their singing abilities, and you may want to pair yours with a bird of the opposite gender.

Male canaries will sing in order to attract females. This will also encourage your female canary to sing. Female canaries may not have such a nice singing voice as the males, but they still have some talent.

Sing in front of the cage:

You can sing in front of your female canary’s cage. If she hears you sing, our female canary may eventually feel motivated and try singing herself!

It is not guaranteed that it will start singing immediately. But if it does, you’ll find that over time, it might start singing with you.

Maintain a Healthy Environment:

A female canary needs its living environment to feel at home.

To maintain a healthy temperature, start by adding artificial light near the cage, and feed your female canary healthy food with high nutrients.

It’s important to provide your female canary with both toys and enough temperature variation to prevent boredom. 

Merchandise requirements for female canaries may differ from those of male canaries, so make sure you know the specifics when purchasing food or other supplies.

Female canaries prefer an environment that stays at eighty degrees Fahrenheit (F). If your female canary gets the proper diet and care, then it will start to sing naturally.

Do Male And Female Canaries Both Sing?

Male canaries sing and females do not. The ability to sing is unique to males in this species. Female canaries are more known for the quality of their eggs, which they produce and hatch internally.

Male canaries tend to be more melodic and powerful, while female canaries tend to be a bit less clear.

Do Canaries Sing All Year Round?

The canary cannot always sing all year round. The canary may take a while to get accustomed to the environment.

If you bring a canary as pet home this summer, it can take some time for them to start singing. Male canaries don’t sing much in the summer.

In late winter and early spring, they stop singing because of molting season. They’ll lose their feathers, so they need time to focus on regrowing/showing all their feathers again.

Male canaries have been known to sing all year long, with the duration of their vocalization decreasing in the winter months. Females on the other hand, only sing in spring and autumn.

What Time Of Day Do Canaries Sing?

There is no exact time that canaries sing. They know when to start singing on their own, whenever they feel like it.

This is because canaries don’t have a sensitive to light. This means that they can sing in daylight or at night. Plus, it’s not affected by the natural phenomena of time passing such as day and night.

Do Male Or Female Canaries Sing More?

Male canaries are the singers. Female canaries are not as pushed to sing. It might seem like you would expect female canaries to be more vocal, but they tend not to be.

However, in canary species, the male ones are dominant singers and sing more fluently than the females in that they have a broader range of notes.

Female canaries are also known to sing from time to time. And when they do, it’s usually just for breeding and incubating eggs.

How Do Canaries Sing In The Male And Female Voice?

Without a doubt, male canaries are the better singers. As such, if you’re looking for a singing bird, you should purchase a male canary because of its superior vocal abilities.

The male canaries make the loudest noise. Their singing is also clearer than the female ones.

Female canaries do not consistently sing. It means they will sing rarely or not at all.

The male canary is very adaptive and can start singing in a cage as soon as it’s placed in one. They’re capable of perfectly replicating any song they hear.


Female canaries are not keen singers and sound very rarely. They are capable of singing but only do so occasionally, mostly when they are breeding or hatching eggs. 

Male canaries make up a majority of the singing birds and they have the title “singing bird”. Female canaries would not be classified as animals that sing.

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