Does Anabolic Steroid make you a Better Athlete?

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Usage and results of anabolic steroid in the athletic competition are admirable. Many schools, college and professional athletes are using steroid just to look superior to their opponent in the playing field. Steroid either they are legal or anabolic; provide every athlete with a power and energy so that they can play to their potential.

Anabolic steroids were legal a few decades before when people are just using it to increase their energy and stamina. But unfortunately, athletes who are determined to win at any cost, using this steroid in a negative manner that’s why they are banned in modern sports. This situation was initially seen in UK, because usage of anabolic steroids in Australia is so common whether it is associated with sports or workout. 

Anabolic steroid which is also commonly known as “riods” are powerful prescription drugs, which are used by athletes or bodybuilder to boost their athletic performance. Although legal steroids are not legal nowadays but, it has proved to be best for many athletes. Other than increasing athletic performance, many anabolic steroids are legitimately used to treat medical conditions like asthma and inflammation. All anabolic steroid was initially manufactured to treat medical conditions but as people start knowing their negative effect they start using it to increase their stamina, muscle mass and power.

Now you are thinking of how anabolic steroid provides athletes with their desired results, the answer is really simple. Anabolic steroid is a chemical derivative of testosterone, which is a male hormone. When you intake anabolic steroid the level of testosterone increase in your body and give you the next level of energy. Properly used anabolic steroid can treat blood disorders, connective tissue diseases, some malignant and begin tumors and moreover importantly sexual dysfunction. Although the legal steroid is used in all these medical conditions, yet you can’t buy them without doctor’s prescription. 

Numbers of athletes who abuse anabolic steroid are uncountable. There are lots of athletes association ban their use, while there are lots of sports where using steroids are totally legal. Sports where steroid is ban include National football league (NFL), Major League Basketball (MLA) and many more.  All these sport test the athletes physically and, mentally before the start of the game and whoever involved in abuse steroid in such sports will be banned from the sports forever or have to pay some fine.

Why Some Athletes Abuse Anabolic Steroid?


There are lots of athletes who frequently take two more steroids together just to get a little more advantage. Using anabolic steroids in Australia is as common as we discussed above, there are lots of athletes in the UK who abuse steroid just to take most from it and win all the competitions. Although it’s an easy thing one can do, they are lots of severe complications which you can face while abusing anabolic steroid. So always keep one thing in mind don’t abuse steroid if you want to make your health better and always use it under your doctor’s supervision.


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