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Most Facebook users, even newbies, know that box is wherever you kind in standing messages and transfer photos to share with friends — which the content below it’s their “news feed.”

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But a shocking variety doesn’t know the differences between their home, profile and timeline pages, or and “wall” showing on those pages. Since the power of Facebook’s publishing tools rests in such nuances, it’s value taking the time to know them.

The basics of need-to-know include where your messages appear to others and determine who can see those elements of your Facebook activity. And once you understand how Facebook’s core options work, you should focus on Facebook in a vibrant, friendly place. If you don’t understand any of the basics basically Or facing any kind of problem. So you can contact us on this given Facebook support number. It is possible for us to solve your problem 24/7.

Facebook’s Key Features and What They Do

The heart and soul of Facebook lie in seven core features:

Friends Your list of friends, those with whom you’ve connected.

Publisher Box The blank “status” update box for typewriting in text updates, sharing internet links and alternative media.

Homepage & News Feed The page you see once work in; it displays a  profile of updates regarding what your friends are an expression and doing on Facebook within the middle column.

Ticker —A period feed of actions your friends are taking over Facebook that seems in a tiny scrolling box up the proper sidebar of your Facebook page. This ticker established debatable and aggravated many users; Facebook provided a switch allowing users to hide it, and eventually aroused de-emphasizing it in an exceedingly 2013 style.

Timeline/Profile/Wall The page you see if you click your name at the proper high of your Facebook homepage; it displays your personalized “Wall” of content in a reverse-chronological Timeline within the middle column. 

Privacy Settings wont to verify World Health Organization will see your standing updates and private information. Access them by clicking the down arrow to the proper of the “Home” button in the high blue horizontal bar.

News Feed is About Friends; Timeline is About You

The key’s to know what you’re looking at once you read your homepage and your profile/Timeline pages. News Feed is all regarding your friends and what they’re doing; your profile page’s Timeline/Wall content is all regarding you. That’s one issue that tends to trip up novice Facebook users — not understanding the variations between what gets displayed in every space.

Your Personalized News on Facebook

The News goes after your homepage is difficult to miss, it appears smack within the center column. This stream of updates denotes by your Facebook friends is customized for you; nobody else will see it. By default, it’s personal which default can’t be modified. that’s totally different from the updates and alternative content denote to your Timeline/Wall, which is meant for viewing by people. you’ve got the choice to form your Timeline content visible to simply your friends, only you, the final public or a customized list of individuals.

News Feed Viewing Options

New users often have trouble understanding their limited, confusing options for changing or influencing what’s shown in their personalized News Feed on their homepage. There are 2 totally different content streams you’ll be able to read on your homepage; you merely toggle between them by clicking the “Top News” buttons.

Your Public Timeline/Wall Content on Facebook

New users typically also fail to realize that while their homepage and its News Feed are private and solely get shown to them, their Wall content is by default an additional public. Some newbies additionally get confused by the actual fact that they need 2 key areas on their Facebook — a homepage and Timeline/Wall — but solely see one page after they visit their friends on Facebook.

It helps to keep in mind that everyone’s profile page and associated Timeline/Wall content is supposed to be seeable by people, a minimum of by your friends. It’s wherever Facebook users usually head to check one another out, so is that the one space of their own Facebook wherever the majority pay a good quantity of time preening and speculative concerning how they look to others. Same.

Editing Your Facebook Timeline/Wall is Tricky

You will edit the privacy settings for content on your Timeline/Wall principally by deleting things or dynamical UN agencies can read them. you can delete something that’s been denoted there, together with stuff you posted and what your friends place there, too. you’ll be able to additionally by selection decide who can or can’t read any item by mistreatment the “audience selector” button that seems beside every item. Learn a lot of regarding the audience selector tool, also called the inline Facebook menu, that permits you to form Facebook personally, in this article.

In conclusion 

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