If you want to create a Zomato or uber like app the best way to proceed would be to use an ubereats clone script. An uber eats clone script will have all the features already built-in and you only have to customize it according to your business, which the company selling you the uber eats clone will do for you of course. The reason many people prefer this, myself included, is because its really waste of time and not to mention money to start from scratch for a platform like this. It will take you months to create a working app together, and you’ll need a big team of developers to get it done too.


The logical options would be to go the uber eats clone route, which enables you to focus more on the business aspect of things, which as a new start-up you are going to have to do. The first few months are crucial for the growth and development of your company and for bringing in a loyal customer base. Many companies selling such an uber eats clone script would add extra features to the platform, letting you stand out from the crowd instead of doing what every other platform is doing. Which again as a new business you should be doing. This is the perfect time for starting such a platform because access to food is becoming more and more difficult by the hour.


Get in contact with a good company selling these kinds of software, which you can do with a simple google search, and tell them exactly what you need. Hope this helps.

Click Here: https://eatzilla.info/

For Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-SuNHJE2Yc