Facing the Horror to Success

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An antelope set out for a dear desired meal. But before he set out, he was faced with a big challenge, the fear of the unknown. The challenge was what he believed he was going to meet on his way to achieving this desire. Of course, looking at the daily occurrence in the jungle, his thought, assumption or imagination was certain.

At his dim, gloomy, timid, darkened and fearful hideout, he saw himself on the endless and tiresome road to desire, filled with tribulation in solitude. At the point of no return, very lonely and fearful, behold the silence of the birds, the stillness of the incessant movement of the gentle breeze. The jungle beings were all quiet, the birds whistle no longer, the monkeys cracked no more laughter; the jungle was absolutely silent, smiles and fearful. In the breeze of this great fearful environment, sudden darkness thickened the sun of the day.

Darkness all over, no more ray of light that can lead and direct the path. About getting to the climax of fear, behold! Two blinding eyes, pulsating through the darkness like two of the brightest stars on the darkest night. Suddenly, there came a rumbling and cracking thunder with unfaceable lightening and a pluviosity rainfall. The poor antelope was terrified beyond description.

As he tried to stop his heart from panting and gasping for breath in order to get his mind together to think, behold, with him was that he dared and feared so much than death, “The Lion”. Angry, hungry, fearful, fierce, and terrified; very big, and as tall as Iroko tree, was behind him, ready to grab, tear and crush his head with the merciless mind. As the lion reached out his fierce teeth with nails clawed like a dragon at the innocent neck of the elusive antelope, he woke up from his fearful cold imagination.

Terrified and enslaved with unbearable fear and pain, the antelope resolved to remain in his dim, gloomy, timid, darkened and fearful hideout. To endure unbearable hunger perhaps, till death comes. On second thought, the antelope decided to confront his fear and take the big risk to face the thing he dared and feared so much than death, “The Lion”. Though the fear was so much, he still determined to go out there and get his dear desired meal.

The antelope confronted his fear and took the bold step of courage out of his dim, gloomy, timid, darkened and fearful hideout. To his surprise, his journey out of his hideout to get his dear desired meal became very smooth and extremely easy. All he was afraid of never confronted him; he got his most desired meal without any threat to his life.

What was the greatest challenge that the antelope faced in his journey to get his dear desired meal? It was not really the lion, because, he never saw or met with the lion. But his greatest challenge was the “Fear” of the unknown; fear created by the seeming “facts on the ground”, things that could likely happen that have not and may not happen.

Just like the antelope, so many people have given up in life for the fear of the known, unknown, facts on the ground, things that could likely happen that have not or may not happen. It becomes imperative to charge and urge everyone who is down there in a dim, gloomy, timid, darkened and fearful hideout of life because of the “Fear” of the known and the unknown to take the bold step of confronting his/her fear.

There is no need of giving up in life when you are still alive and breathing. It is a known fact that no one can succeed without failing once or twice in life. It is only those who don’t know that failure is a process to success that gives up in life or kills themselves because they fail to succeed at the moment or periods of time. Failure is not the end of or to success, but accepting failure and remaining in it is the end to success. When one falls and gets up, he/she gathers experience on how not to fall again.

The greatest challenge we face on our way to success or achieving our desires is not the things we are afraid of meeting on our way, because most often, we never meet them. But the greatest challenge is the “Fear” that we will meet or face those things, problems or troubles. This is the reason why we most times resolve not to take a step of courage to dare our fear or challenge in order to reach and achieve the success or our dear desires.

The devil uses fear as the weapon to enslave people, and cage them in their failure, sin, poverty, and nothingness. The devil always uses it as a tool to hypnotize people into believing that they are frustrated in life. Fear creates doubt, doubt causes discouragement, discouragement breeds idleness which gives birth to frustration. Frustration is the mother of all evil and negative actions like crimes and is the ditch that swallows victims of failure. Frustration gives its victims four (4) choices in life:

1. To stay idle and give up in life.
2. To stop trying anything good to succeed because they now think or better still, believe that they are frustrated in life.
3. To go into all sorts of crime, evil, immoral and/or stigmatized actions or behaviour and
4. To attempt or commit suicide.

It is obvious and crystal clear that life is full of challenges; it ways are constructed with ups and downs. There are days you think the best of you has really begun, and other days you feel that life makes no sense and is in itself hurt and pain or you feel that the end has come. The most dominant aspect of life appears to be the odd or sad side; times when you are enveloped in the pain of the emotion, the pain of lack, the frustration of energetic effort put to work. The pain to see your effort(s) become gibberish, like a mad man chasing after the wind.

There are periods in life when your best effort will appear to achieve nothing. Though you sat down and planned it professionally, saw all the possibilities, answered all the assumed questions and at the end, you smile in to relieve and believe that this time, look at me on the peak of proud positive success. But only to be disappointed again, most times more disappointed than the days when you put little effort and plan to work.

Every level of life has its challenges. During the starting of life (let me not say a time of poverty), there are challenges, at the middle of achievements or life success there are challenges, even at the peak of success in life, there are also challenges. However, experience has taught me that life challenges during starting in life are more challenging, painful, humiliating and sometimes shameful than other levels or stages of life.

This is because of every life challenge in any level or stage of life aimed at bringing one back or down to “the starting of life”. This is when men give up in life when suicide is attempted or committed when men enter into crime and some sell their souls to the devil, immorality and to other unbelievable things and all in order to ” survive” and to stay on the top and “better side” of life. Are you facing or passing through any of these challenges of life and you are clothed with fear of failure and hopelessness, be courageous.

It is important to understand that you can scale through it all and become a success in life if you don’t accept failure and frustration. It is when you give up in life, become afraid and succumb to the challenges “the fear of life” poses before you that you become a failure. But if you dare your fear and persevere or continue trying, rising and moving on a positive and right direction, these challenges of life will turn out to become a stepping stone to achieving your success. The challenges will become a story to tell for Others to hear and respect and appreciate you. It can also become a memory that you will always appreciate and be glad you had such experience and was able to come out of it victoriously.

He that refuses to face the fears of his life has planned not to succeed in life. Success comes when the fear of failure is defeated. Until you come out, no one will know you exist, until you speak out, no one will hear what you believe or have to say and until you put your skills and/or abilities to work, no one will know, respect and perhaps appreciate who you are and what good you can do or offer. On this journey to success and greatness, you will, however, be confronted with challenges, such as criticisms, insults, and jealousy. But these simply mean that you have been noticed and that your record is on and playing.

Therefore don’t because of fear of being laughed at, criticized, insulted and fail or refuses to come out of your hideout and step to the road to positive success. One should only listen to criticism and mind being laughed at when what he/she is doing is wrong and immoral. But when what one is doing or intends doing is good (right) and moral, then, see criticism and other challenges as a stepping stone, motivating factor and determinative push to one’s wonderful success in life. You got to come out from your fear and hideout, it is a must to succeed in life.




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