How To Fall in Love With a Guy or a Man – Practical Recommendations

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How to fall in love with a guy or a man? Girls often ask themselves the question ” How to fall in love with a guy to whom you gave your heart ?”. It sounds pointless, but many girls think about it.

It seems that there is no universal guide to fall in love with a man or a guy, because you will not command your heart, but in reality there are some points, following which you can attract him and leave a mark in his heart.



You may think that posing as another is a great idea. But this is not so. Even if you fall in love with a guy, what’s the use of it if you’re not the one you impersonate? Do you want to pretend to be your whole life? You can change and become different, but only if these changes are to your liking.


This is certainly very important. No matter how and what someone did not say, but external data plays a decisive role in acquaintance. In most cases, male interest in a girl begins with this. If a girl is not attractive, without a twist or charm, chances are that the chances of falling in love with a man are very small.

It all depends on your inner confidence, you have to find a balance between who you are and how you look.

Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance, whether you are in a relationship or not. Also, the fact how much time you are together does not matter. You must always follow yourself.

Exercise can help you with this. They can have a huge impact on how you look and feel about yourself. With regular exercise, you won’t need to go through exhausting diets or crazy training before the holidays.

Find what you love to do, try your best and shine your light on it. It can be anything: a charge of 15 minutes a day, Zumba classes, yoga classes or homework under the video on Youtube . The main idea is that you should do what you love, this is a prerequisite, because This will allow you to go to training for a long time, and not quit the job halfway. Remember, the main thing in sports is regularity .


Well, who loves a bad mood? And who can fall in love with him? No one likes pessimistic negative people. Try to always look at the world from a positive point of view, and you will cause people to only have a good attitude towards yourself.



Everyone has charisma and a little wit in reserve. Why not use this? Yes, when feelings are boiling inside you, it can be difficult to use, but you should also not be afraid to say something funny and interesting.


No need to go to extremes, try extreme diets or buy tons of new clothes. Emphasize your appearance, a little makeup, tidy your hair, a little perfume. And you feel completely different – confident and successful.

Also, to create an attractive image, you should adhere to some principles of beauty:

  • Lips : Studies have shown that red lips make a woman more attractive. Scientists believe this works because red lips are a sign of fertility.
  • Eyes failed : Another well-known fact is that mascara and eyeliner create a contrast that enhances female sensitivity.
  • Well-groomed hair : hair is the first thing that men notice in a woman, then they pay attention to the chest. Hair is the medium in which women hide the largest number of pheromones. Clean, well-groomed hair is an indicator of good health and will certainly attract men to you.
  • Pink cheeks : this is another sign of fertility and youth, a thin pale pink blush will refresh any face.

Also do not forget about the clothes that you wear. It is very important to create your own style. Fashion comes and goes, and comfort makes you more confident. Never wear something that is not comfortable for you. Men will feel your discomfort, and this will not play in your favor.

Any woman can take advantage of these beauty tips. they are independent of appearance. Sometimes a well-groomed girl with an outstanding appearance may have more fans than a girl with a beautiful appearance, but in crumpled clothes.


Sometimes you can be angry … all the girls can be like that. When you are with friends, you can gossip, be rude and impudent. But this is not a good way to set a guy up for yourself. Guys are drawn to cute girls, and with them you should not behave rudely.


He may think as you wish, but flirting works. Men simply love to be the center of attention and imagine themselves to be a king. Flirting will never go out of style, so go ahead.


Being different and being unique is a big plus. This is your way to interest the guys. Even if you take into account only communication, do not start commonplace topics for conversation, it is better to ask about his feelings, current events and things that are interesting to both of you. He should think that you are not like the other girls … you are charming, wise and sweet.


If your attraction worked, and you sometimes began to see your chosen one. You started talking, texting, and calling more often, but you still don’t know what will come of it. Do not get hung up on this, do not work through thousands of scenarios in your head, just let it go.

The main thing is not to deceive yourself, worry and worry. If you liked the guy, it does not mean anything yet, life has not changed.

Checking the phone every minute, you won’t make him write more often.


Even if your relationship has become more serious, you often see each other , constantly communicate , and feel the connection between you, do not worry. Continue to live your life, live as you lived until the moment you started dating.

Give him more time, but also continue to do everything that you did before.


When you try to get a guy’s attention, use the touch, you can turn it into some kind of game. Guys love to touch, this is the right way to establish close intimate communication.


There is an old saying, the path to a man’s heart lies through his digestive system, in the sense of stomach =). So, nobody canceled it. One day please him with a treat and look at his reaction, maybe this is the key to his heart?

how to fall in love with a guy or a man


If a person likes to talk, just listen and try to understand his words. Men usually fall in love and ask questions to girls. Some guys like to talk about themselves, and some find the girls very charming when they are listening. Allow yourself to talk about current issues, but let him control the conversation.


Having a sense of humor is really important to please a guy. Laughing at his jokes, you can’t even imagine how you can impress a guy. He will feel that he truly understands you.


Respect and appreciation are the basis of relationships through the eyes of a man. All of them really want to see their chosen one happy. But they also want to see reaction and appreciation. High appreciation of a man after you saw all his shortcomings and weaknesses makes him love you even more.

Unfortunately, this type of assessment cannot be falsified; it must be genuine. Appreciate and notice that what he does for you will make him happy.


Without trust, it is difficult to build a truly strong relationship, even impossible. Trying to tie him to yourself you will not do better, you can only scare him away. Learn to trust people. Let your boyfriend understand that you value his relationship with friends or what he does in his free time.


It is important to understand one thing: Do you really want to be with him? Or do you want to be with someone else? You must honestly answer these questions in order to fully understand what you want from him. Men love to be adored and appreciated.

“For me, this is a wonderful feeling when a woman sees who you are and wants to be with you despite all your shortcomings,” men repeat more than once.

On the other hand, men can recognize a woman whose main goal in life is to be with someone, not necessarily with him, she simply does not want to be alone. In this situation, men do not feel special, and they understand that any guy can take their place.

If a man feels himself unique and important, valuable to you when he sees that he has a positive effect on your life, this man will never hesitate to legally formalize the relationship.

If you do everything right, and he does not want to formalize your relationship, drop it. If he really cares about his life, he will never let you go.

If you keep these recommendations in mind, and also follow them, then the guy you like will not even think. Because, in his head, he just found the perfect woman.


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