How to Fix A Water Damaged Phone?

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It feels like the universe has just frozen when you drop your phone in water. No matter how great your phone is, it doesn’t know how to swim. A smartphone water damaged complaint is fairly popular. Throughout the year, millions of devices fall victim to this horrific incident. And if it’s your personal device, we know how bad the feeling is. After all, there’s a higher chance that your phone will be deemed unusable.

More and more devices are indeed shifting towards more waterproof design. This feature is yet to be revealed in entry-level or mid-range devices. The best method for preventing water damage in your phone is to follow precautions right from the start. You can take extra care when you’re near water or just invest in a waterproof pouch. By any other means, if your device has tried to become a champ in swimming (sad react) here are some helpful tips that will help you fix the problem.

Is it just a splash or you can see drops coming out from your phone?

Before diving into the actual tips, first, make sure that your device is completely off. If it’s just a splash, there’s a higher chance that your smartphone will survive. If you can see water drops coming out from your smartphone, well, it’s in the last stages. Quickly shake your smartphone to take-out the extra water from your smartphone.

If the phone is automatically switched off, don’t try to turn it on. Check If it’s still running, switch it off. If it comes with a removable battery, take it out. This is mainly because the power in the phone can short circuit with the internal components.

Note: Most advanced smartphone comes with a moisture sensor on the charging port. It only charges when it’s safe.

Things not to do if you Dropped your Phone in Water

If you do the following things, your smartphone will probably die and require an expensive fix for the turnaround. First of all, don’t frustrate yourself as it will create complexities. Just relax (freak out a little) and be careful. Here are some major failures that you should prevent.

  1. Do not turn on your device if its water damaged
  2. Don’t plug it in to charge
  3. Try not to press any key (including power button or volume rocker)
  4. Do not try to blow into the device. It will push the water further into the body
  5. Store it in a cold surface
  6. Tips to Secure Water Damaged Phone
  7. Disassemble your device

If your phone comes with a removable battery, take it off. Basically, you have to remove everything that is “user-removable”. Take the sim card, battery, and the SD card out. Clean everything with a paper towel.

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Now if your phone doesn’t come with a removable battery (which most smartphone does nowadays), and you don’t mind risking the phone warranty, grab some screws and open the back lid. It will help the drying process faster. Try not to damage the phone internals by applying to much force.

Here are the tips to fix your Water Damaged Phone.

Dry the exterior and Interior

Use a paper towel to get rid of the water found in the exterior. Gently rub the internals as they are very sensitive to force.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

There are areas that the paper towel can’t access. Try to use anything that suctions the water out. A vacuum cleaner and dry hair will help in this. In terms of a dry cleaner, use the lowest setting, and gently blow the hair. The same goes for the vacuum cleaner.

Time to dry it out

Your water damaged Phone is still not saved, now comes the hardest part. This part includes leaving your phone in an isolated place for an extended time. A dryer environment will help your phone take out all the extra moisturized particles from the body. A very common practice is to take your phone and place it inside a Ziploc bag full of rice.

The rice is recommended because it is available in most homes. It is a very good particle that absorbs humidity in the air. Among other options, a silica gel pack is also useful. You can easily find them in electronic boxes or shoeboxes. And don’t touch your device for 2-3 days when it’s in the quarantine. Place the jar away from your family and place it in a secure location.


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