Flowers: Facts & Fun Activities that you Should Be knowing

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Flowers are often seen as decorative objects for embellishing gardens, homes, bodies, and more. However, flowers serve a much more critical purpose than embellishment. Being the seed making part of plants, which creates new plants, flowers play a vital role. Pollen from one flower has to integrate with eggs of another flower to make a seed; this process is called pollination. Flowers are immensely adaptable to entice their particular pollinators such as flies, bees, hummingbirds, moths, and bats, to name some. This is the reason that flowers are highly scented and brightly colored, which makes them a delightful creation which they are. 

So before you order online flower delivery in Kolkata, let us look at some of the many facts about these beautiful flowers!

How do Flowers Eat and Grow – Photosynthesis

  • Flowers get their food from water, sunlight, and minerals in the soil; the reproductive parts of a plant are flowers, and plants prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis.

  • Plants can perform photosynthesis because of the cells called chloroplasts containing chlorophyll, making plants green. Sunlight combining with carbon dioxide and water produce sugar or glucose. This is how food for plants is generated, giving them the energy to flourish and create flowers. Without sunlight and water, plants will die.

  • Through little holes in their leaves known as stomata, plants take in carbon dioxide. Then generate and release oxygen through them. Animals and plants are meant to live together as plants require the carbon dioxide that animals release, and animals need the oxygen that plants put out.

Parts of Flowers

  • The easily visible outer side of a flower contains the petals, which are the colored part of flowers, and the small green objects that look like little petals at the base of the flower are the sepals.

  • Inside are the female parts of the flower or the pistil. The pistil, with a long neck, looks like a vase. “Stigma” is the top part of this “vase” and the long neck is known as “The style.” The ovary is the bottom, fatter part of the vase containing the eggs, or ovules.

  • The “Stamens” are the inner male parts of the flower containing the filament and the anther. Looking like a rigid, standing piece of string is the filament. A rounded ball of pollen on top of the thread is called the anther.

  • Pollinators like birds, animals, and bees come and accumulate pollen from the flowers. These pollen gets stuck to their bodies, and when they visit a new flower to collect more pollen, the pollen attached to them of the previous flower falls into the new flower’s pistil. Hence, impregnating the ovules inside the ovary and producing seeds.

Amusing Facts About Flowers

  • Ferns and cone-bearing trees dominated the earth as flowers did not always exist; they first appeared around 140 million years ago.

  • Tulips were more valuable than gold, several centuries ago.

  • A few plants, such as orchids, get all of their nutrients from the air and do not need soil to grow.

  • The sunflower is an example of plants producing toxic elements that kill other plants around them.

  • Some plants are carnivorous flowering plants that eat small animals and bugs! For instance, the leaves of the Venus flytrap is covered with short hair. Whenever a small animal or insect lands on them, the trap quickly shut, and digestive enzymes digest the creature. There are many such carnivorous plants.

Fun Activities with Flowers

  • The SnapDragon flowers appear like a little human mouth. When the sides are squeezed, the mouth opens, and when released, it closes again.

  • Obedient plant or false dragonhead contains a spike filled with flowers that you can bend into position.

  • The fun flowers for kids are Hollyhocks, having large gorgeous flowers that can be turned into dolls.

  • Choose flowers which can be flattened, for example – violets, and place them in between the pages of heavy books, press and dry the flowers to prepare crafts.


  • Humans can consume a few flowers! Nasturtiums, violas, violets, and pansies can be frozen into ice cubes or candied. Squash flowers like pumpkin blossoms can be mixed in a batter, fried, and eaten. But, before you consume any flowers, take the advice of experienced adults or florists in Kolkata and eat only if they mention it safe. Because a few plants are poisonous or are sprayed with toxic pesticides.


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