How Much Food Should a Beagle Eat – Beagle Feeding Chart

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How Much Food Should a Beagle Eat – Beagle Feeding Chart

A dog’s need for food changes with every stage of development. No matter what breed they are, they still require different levels of feeding at the various stages of their life.

If you own a Beagle dog, then you should be concerned about knowing how much food he or she requires before completely maturing. You can learn more about a Beagle feeding chart by reading on.

How Much Food Should A Beagle Eat?

A Beagle dog should eat 1 cup of food for most of their adult life, but Beagle puppies need two cups of food every day because they are in the process of growing.

In order to develop healthily and grow at the correct pace, they need a lot of nutrients.

A Beagle puppy needs to eat more food than an adult Beagle. For an adult Beagle, 1 cup should be enough to suffice as a day’s worth of food. But with a Beagle pup, they will need more than 1 cup per day.

The standard amount of food that Beagles need to eat is not the same as the precise number of calories they need.

In order to feed your pup on the right amount of calories, it’s key to know how many calories your Beagle needs so that he or she can grow and achieve proper nutrition.

We wanted to share an excerpt from the research on how much food a Beagle should eat as it grows.

Here, we’ve broken down each of the stages in detail and provided you with the correct amount they should be eating at 2 weeks onward.

2 to 3-week-old Beagle:

Beagle pups usually stop taking milk at three or four weeks old, but you should let them drink their mother’s milk until it stops on its own, until they’re three to four months old.

If you’re feeding just one pup, feed at least two tablespoons of canine milk replacer every 100 grams of its weight per 3-4 hours.

4 to 5-week-old Beagle:

The ideal time to stop bottle-feeding your beagle pup is when it’s between 4 and 5 weeks old.

You need to gradually introduce dry food in order to wean it off its mother’s milk. As such, you should feed ¼ to ½ cup of dry food every 6-8 hours.

6 to 7-week-old Beagle:

As a Beagle pup nears the 6-7-week-old age, they start learning to chew on solid food.

Feeding a Beagle pup is always a bit of a nut to crack, so to help you get started, here are some tips.

The first thing to look at: your pup should get about 1 cup of nutritious food per day for each meal- with about 1/3 cup per meal.

8-to-9-week-Old Beagle:

At 8-9 weeks old, Beagle puppies are mature enough to thrive on solid food.

Your Beagle puppy will be growing and need more food to do so.

Make sure you feed him a cup and a half of food each day, dividing it between three meals (½ cup of food per meal). And don’t forget that he still needs some wet food, not just solid.

10 to 11-week-old Beagle:

10 to 11-week-old beagle puppies should still be fed 1.5 cups of solid and nutritious food. Divide the food into 3 equal portions and feed your pup ½ cup per meal.

You can also fully change to feeding all-solid food for the puppy, and sometimes give them dog treats.

3-month-old Beagle:

Generally, beagle puppies are pretty eager about food at three months and will get very hungry around the scheduled feeding time because they’re going through a growth spurt.

A dog’s culinary needs have evolved alongside its natural habitat over time. They are carnivores, but with a touch of flexibility that lets them semi-adapt to their surroundings. 

This means they need different types of food for sustenance, depending on the environment.

Ideally, you should feed your pup 1.5 to 2 cups of food in order to meet all the nutritional requirements. 

Divide it into three meals a day and offer your pup some water as well.

4-month-old Beagle:

A Beagle puppy will usually eat 1.5-2 cups of high-quality food a day. However, your Beagle should only have half a cup at each meal (a total of three meals).

Spread the food out evenly so that you dog doesn’t overeat or become constipated.

5-month-old Beagle:

Five-month-old Beagle pups need to eat 1.5 cups to 2 cups of food per day.

And it’s also important that they don’t get too many big meals each day – instead, divide the total amount of food into three smaller meals.

6-month-old Beagle: 

Now that your Beagle is six months old, it should be getting 1.5 cups of food every day, instead of a cup and quarter, which leaves enough room for treats on top of its training time.

If you feed it a full cup, it will likely become obese due to the extra calories from the treats.

You should split the entire meal plan into two or three meals a day for your Beagle.

7-month-old Beagle:

At your Beagle’s 7-month-old age, he should be fed one and one-third cups of food during a day. That’s the equivalent to approximately two or three meals.

Most owners feed two meals a day, but you’re able to continue feeding your fish three times a day.

8-month-old Beagle:

An 8-month-old Beagle should be eating 1¼ to 1¾ cups of dog food per day.

And this time, you should also split the food more evenly between two meals or three meals a day.

If you don’t usually give your Beagle treats and snacks, then keep him on his three meal plan every day.

9-month-old Beagle:

For an average 9-month-old beagle, a feeding plan would be to feed them 1 cup of nutritious food (which is actually a little more than that) to 1¾ cups of food per day.

Eating 2 meals a day (instead of 3) will leave room for goodies and treats, like taking a walk or playing with your pets.

10-month-old Beagle:

For a young Beagle, it’s important to feed them 1 cup to 1¾ cups of food each day on a strict two-meals-per-day schedule. You should also provide food that is high in both protein and nutrients.

Beagle Feeding Chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week0.62 lbs. (roughly)2 tablespoons of canine milk replacer34.1 cal.6-8 times per day
3 week0.68 lbs. (increases by 10%)2 tablespoons of canine milk replacer37.4 cal.6-8 times per day
4 week2-3 lbs. (small size)3-4 lbs. (large size)⅓ to ¾ cups of food110-165 cal.3-4 times per day
5 week3-4 lbs. (roughly)⅓ to ¾ cups of food165-220 cal.3-4 times per day
6 week4-5 lbs. (roughly)1 cups of food220-275 cal.3 times per day
7 week3.5-6 lbs. (roughly)1 cups of food192-330 cal.3 times per day
8 week or 2 month3-5 lbs1½ cups of food165-275 cal.220-385 cal.3 times per day
9 week(small size)4-7 lbs. (large size)1½ cups of food275-385 cal.3 times per day
10 week5-7 lbs. (roughly)1½ cups of food302-440 cal.3 times per day
11 week5.5-8 lbs. (roughly)1½ cups of food330-495 cal.3 times per day
12 week or 3 month6-9 lbs. (roughly)1½-2 cups of food385-550 cal.440-605 cal.3 times per day
4 month7-10 lbs. (small size)8-11 lbs. (large size)1½-2 cups of food440-605 cal.495-660 cal.3 times per day
5 month8-11 lbs. (small size)9-12 lbs.  (large size)1½-2 cups of food495-660 cal.550-715 cal.3 times per day
6 month12-14lbs. (small size)14-18 lbs. (larger size)1½ cups of food660-770 cal. 770-990 cal.3 times per day
7 month14-16lbs. (small size)16-20lbs.(large size)1⅓ cups of food770-880 cal. 880-1100 cal.2-3 meals per day
8 month16-20lbs. (small size)20-22lbs. (large size)1¼ to 1¾ cups of food880-1100 cal.1100-1210 cal.2-3 meals per day
9 month16-20lbs. (small size)20-26lbs. (larger size)1¾ cups of food880-1100 cal. 1100-1430 cal.2-3 meals per day
10 month16-20lbs. (small size)20-28lbs. (larger size)1 to 1¾ cups of food880-1100 cal.1100-1580 cal.2-3 meals per day
Beagle Feeding Chart

**Note: Here the calorie intake of a Beagle has been counted as per the rule of consuming 55 cal. per pound weight of a Beagle. Your Beagle may need to intake more or fewer calories per day depending on its weight, age, and daily activity level.

Are You Overfeeding Your Beagle Or Not Feeding Much?

The symptoms of an overfed or underfed beagle pup have been explained in this article.

Signs Of Overfeeding

The Obesity Epidemic:

Obesity is the main sign that you’re feeding your Beagle too much. If your Beagle’s weight is dramatically greater than it should be according to its height, you are overfeeding it.

Bowel Issues:

Abdominal pain, gas, and sloppy bowel movements are all related to overfeeding as an overloaded digestive system is unable to work effectively.

Joint Problem:

If you feed your beagle with too many treats or give them table scraps, you may cause their obesity. Obesity may cause joint problems. Joint paint is also known as osteoarthritis in dogs.

Signs Of Underfeeding

Skin Problems:

Underfed dogs might have issues with their coat’s appearance. They could have rough, scruffy hair and dry, dandruff-like skin.

Low Energy:

Your beagle will show less energy and unwillingness when doing any activity.

Visible Ribs, Spine, And Bones:

Neglecting to feed a Beagle will result in malnutrition, which can cause visible ribs, bones, and spine in your pet.

How Frequently To Feed Your Beagle?

When it comes to your Beagle’s feeding schedule, the rule goes like this: feed 1-month-old Beagles 6-8 times per day.

When they reach the age of 2 months, you can start feeding them 3 times per day. If a Beagle is older than 6 months, keep on giving them 3 meals per day.

As your pup gets older, there’s some changes to the number of meals they need each day. When a pup is 6 months old, you can feed them 2-3 times per day. 

Between 9 and 12 months, you should feed your pup twice per day. But from the time your pup is 12 months old until almost their adult age, give them two meals per day.

Feeding frequency depends on your beagle’s age, weight, and level of activity. If you’re uncertain when to feed your beagle, consult your vet.

Recommended Feeding Time

If you are feeding your Beagle 3 meals per day, give him breakfast at dawn, lunch at noon, and dinner at dusk.

If you’re only giving your Beagle 2 meals per day, give breakfast in the morning and dinner in the early evening.

Newborn or less than 2-month-old beagle puppy? Feed every 3-4 hours or every 6-8 hours, depending on the size of your dog.

Final Thoughts

A Beagle puppy is going to need more food for a longer time than an adult Beagle. For example, older pups should be fed two meals per day, and this should last until they’re about 2 years old. 

Until then, though, puppies from 7 months to 8 months of age should get two cups of food per day.


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