How Much Food Should a Jack Russell Eat: Feeding Chart

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This chart shows the estimated number of calories one should feed a Jack Russell when inactive.

Jack Russell Terriers are an energetic and high-activity type of small terrier dog that originated in England.

This breed of dog has a white coat and is sleek and smooth, or rough and broken-coated. We’ll talk about how much this dog should eat, and you’ll also find their feeding chart in this article.

How Much Food Should a Jack Russell Eat?

Jack Russell Terriers require to be fed twice a day. In addition, as a rule, you should not free-feed your Jack Russel as they are prone to overeating. 

So in order to fulfill their daily meal requirements, you should feed them 1.25-1.75 cups of quality dog food per day which is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a energetic small terrier dog with non-specific origins. They are commonly seen as popular types of dogs who were bred for fox hunting in England. They are also known as parson Russell Terriers.

Jack Russells have a variety of qualities that have made them well-known for being energetic, clever, bold, and friendly. 

They’re also fearless and tenacious. But even though they can be great friends and family companions, they require to be socialized at an early age.

The Jack Russell is a robust and energetic dog with a life expectancy of more than 12 years. He needs one hour of exercise every day, but should live for about 12 to 14 years. 

When he grows up, the Jack Russell stands at 12 to 18 inches tall and weighs 13 to 17 pounds. In general, Jack Russell Terrier puppies, when they become adults, will only need to meal twice a day.

Generally, meals should be given to the pup during the morning and evening hours.

It is challenging to determine exactly how much food a Jack Russell Terrier of different ages needs. Here’s a brief discussion on various age groups:

2 to 3-week-old Jack Russell:

At a very young age, Jack Russell had to be fed frequently. To help your Jack Russell terrier puppy grow, provide them with good quality food every three to four hours which includes high-quality nutrition and healthy elements.

Be sure not to give your puppies more than 10 oz of food per day. This will help them grow better.

4- to 5-weeks-old Jack Russell:

When considering what to feed a 4-5 week old Jack Russell Terrier, it’s important to remember that they are growing during this period. Feed them with foods that contain vitamins and calcium.

Calcium is essential for puppies if they want to grow up with strong bones and should avoid a range of diseases.

If you are unable to provide your puppy with enough vitamins than what they may need, then they will experience continuous sicknesses.

The best way to ensure that the puppies grow up healthily is to give them around 10-12 oz of food every day.

6-to-7 week old Jack Russell:

On the whole, a 6 to 7-week-old jack Russell is a moderately sized puppy and will require food with high-value nutritional benefits.

In addition to that, during the growth years of Jack Russell puppies, they ought to eat very often so that they do not encounter any immune deficiency. Viewing that, you can feed them with high-value dog food.

8 to 9-week-old pups:

Providing the right diet and nutrition is critical for your pet’s growth and development.

During their adolescent stage, puppies typically experience unchecked growth and physical development.

This is why you should give them a cup of puppy food every day to help care for their nutritional needs.

Juvenile Jack Russell Terrier:

A ten-week-old Jack Russell should be fed 1/2 cup of food per day in order to make their metabolism and immune system stronger.

They have a small stomachs but they can eat a lot. That is the reason you should also need to ensure that they do not overeat.

3-month old, Jack Russell:

When you’re training a Jack Russell, the most important thing is to maintain a consistent amount of food being given each day.

Generally, when your dog is three months old, it will require 1 ⅛ cups or 106 grams of food each day.

Giving your children calcium can help them to grow and develop. It can also help them build up their immune system.

4-month-old Jack Russell:

When your Jack Russell is 4 months old, you’ll need to increase the amount of food you provide it for its daily meal.

Generally, a 4-month-old Jack Russell needs at least 111 gms of food or 118 cups of food daily.

This quantity of food should be divided into 2 meals and provided in the morning and evening.

5-month-old Jack Russell:

The puppy has been growing. Sometimes, you may need to limit the amount of food that a certain pup gets for a while. After all, you can still provide your five month-old Jack Russell with 111 grams of food per day.

6-month-old Jack Russell:

To feed a six-month-old Jack Russell, you’ll want to give them one cup of healthy and nutritious dog food.

This will help not only with their growth but also with developing a strong immune system.

A healthy diet is also important for toddler development. They need high-value protein and calcium to help them build strong muscles. That’s why you should be careful about the amount of food you give them.

7-month-old Jack Russell:

As Jack Russells grows up and mature, you may be required to reduce the amount of food you provide them because they will already have enough energy since they are no longer puppies, who need more food.

The average 70-pound seven-month-old Jack Russell Terrier needs an average of 94 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals every day.

8-month-old Jack Russell:

A Jack Russell puppy should be given 86 grams of food and the amount of water they need on a daily basis.

In order to maintain your pup’s metabolism system, they usually need water. Feed them less than 10 cups of food a day otherwise they could have an upset stomach.

9-month-old Jack Russell:

Generally, a 9-month old Jack Russell requires the right and regular amount of dog food for its meal. Dogs need to be mindful of how much they’re eating every day. 

They should also do some exercise, such as a walk or a few minutes of playing fetch in order to make sure their muscle and bones stay strong.

The food helps with their metabolism system, so long as they don’t over eat it.

10-month-old Jack Russell:

A 10-month-old Jack Russell should have 10 oz to 14 oz of food per day. This amount can be scaled up or down based on their size and the other factors we discussed.

Providing a young child with enough food will help them grow up quickly without any problems. In addition to that, it will assist them develop their muscles and bones.

The right amount of food will not only help your dog stay healthy, but it can also improve its immune system and metabolic process.

Jack Russell Feeding Chart

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week2lbs0.25 cups100 calories6-8 times
3 week2lbs0.25 cups100 calories7 times
4 week2-3lbs0.27 cups120 calories5 times
5 week3-5lbs0.30 cups128 calories5 times
6 week4lbs0.32 cups140 calories
7 week4lbs0.35 cups152 calories4 times
8 wk-2 mo4-5lbs0.38 cups 152 calories4 times
9 week4.5lbs0.38 cups 152 calories3 times
10 week5lbs0.38 cups 160 calories 3 times
11 week6lbs0.40 cups 160 calories 3 times
12 wk-3 mo6-8lbs0.45 cups to 0.50 cups200 calories3 times
4 month7-10lbs0.60 cups240 calories3 times
5 month8-11lbs0.65 cups260 calories3 times
6 month11-14lbs0.70 cups280 calories2 times
7 month11-14lbs0.80 cups320 calories2 times
8 month12-15lbs0.80 cups320 calories2 times
9 month12-16lbs1 cup340 calories2 times
10 month13-17lbs1.25 cups500 calories2 times
Jack Russell Feeding Chart

HaveYou Crafted A Well-Balanced Diet For Your Jack Russell Terrier?

To find out if your dog is eating enough, you first have to observe its regular feeding habits.

A dog might not eat enough or they may overeat if they can’t eat the amount of food prescribed to them.

Feeding your Jack Russell dog a diet enriched in vitamins, minerals, and other substances is vital. When you are feeding your dog, be sure not to overfeed them – monitor their intake.

It’s normal for the Jack Russell terrier to overeat his meal at times. The most obvious sign of overeating is if your dog displays signs of vomiting or diarrhea. 

Even just a few seconds of excess eating may cause your Jack Russell some discomfort and make him throw up.

The Jack Russell terrier will overeat if you’re not careful about restrictions. Underfed Jack Russells are more likely to show skin and coat issues, as well as poor immune function in the body.

How Frequently To Feed Your Jack Russell?

As Jack Russel puppies, the majority of their physical development usually happen during this age. That’s also why it is imperative that you are very careful when giving them food.

Experts recommend feeding them at least twice a day. Any less and they may lack the energy and metabolism to stay healthy.

Proper feeding helps ensure that the Jack Russell is healthy and growing.

Recommended Feeding Time

It’s important to control your Jack Russell Terrior’s calorie intake in order to give them the energy they need for a full day.

It is advisable to provide them with food two times a day, once at 7 am and the evening at 7 pm.

The food should be divided into equal parts and given at two different points during the day.

That’s why you require to pay attention to your dog’s age and give them the right amount of food for a daily meal.

This way, they’ll have the energy they need and their immune system will be strengthened.

Final Thoughts

As a puppy, Jack Russell Terriers can eat between three and four meals of 1.25-1.75 cups of food a day.

It’s also crucial to note that it’s not a good idea to overfeed them, or they’re more likely to get sick.


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