How Much Food Should a Maltese Eat: Maltese Feeding Chart

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No matter what size your Maltese, it’s essential to understand how much they should eat in one sitting.

Here’s a handy chart that shows how much kibble to feed your Maltese based on their weight.

Dog ownership can be challenging since each dog has their own unique disposition when it comes to food.

Make sure you are well-aware of their dietary needs and meal times so that they’re not left hungry.

How Much Food Should a Maltese Eat: Maltese Feeding Chart

This article includes sections about how much a Maltese should eat, how often they should be fed, and what a typical diet.

As a dog gets older, they should be fed between ½ – 1 cup of food each day. The food should be divided into two meals a day and one or two snacks throughout the day. 

Dry food is ideal as Maltese tend to be picky eaters. To ensure that your Maltese pup gets their required diet, it’s best to plan ahead and prepare their meals carefully.

Make sure you pay attention to the amount of food you give your dog. Their overall health depends on it. This goes for growing dogs, as well as adult ones.

And for some breed of dogs, make sure to be extra careful.

Maltese dogs are notoriously picky eaters. They also have sensitive digestive systems, which is why when it comes to planning their meals you must pay attention to portion size and food type.

Feed your dog a healthy diet. How much they eat and how often, what type of food you provide them, it all matters in maintaining a healthy animal. Preparation is key to ensure that your animal is thriving.

Depending on the dog’s age and size, the food and diet chart will differ. As they get older, dogs need less food but more exercise. This will start to affect the portions in their diet chart as well.

Maltese are very picky and sensitive when it comes to their diet. Particularly when it comes to the digestive system; so, it’s important for them to be fed according to restrictions in order for their digestion to work properly.

The meal portions and timing of the day should be within the range that makes you happy, not just what your doctor recommends.

An important consideration when choosing the meal size for a Maltese dog is their age. Your puppy’s meal size and diet changes as they grow from small to big. Try to be consistent even with the change in age and their diet chart.

2 to 3 week old Maltese:

A Maltese should be given 3/4 cups of food per day. It is best to feed them a mix of wet and dry food so they can work on knowing how to chew and swallow.

The dog should also eat twice or three times each day.

4 to 5 week-old Maltese puppies:

You can start giving your puppy dry kibble at around four months old. Feed them 1/2 a cup, twice a day and add in some small treats too. Remember, don’t give treats too often

6 to 7 week old Maltese:

At 6 to 7 weeks, a Maltese puppy’s eyes will start to open, and soon they’ll be fully awake.

You can count on them being very active during this time, running around with all the energy and excitement of a 6 to 7 week old puppy.

Your puppy is at a very important time of life right now. You should take extra care when planning the meals.

Don’t reduce meal size or portions. Try to divide a cup of a full meal into two portions so your dog can have it twice a day.

8 to 9 week-old Maltese:

Once your puppy is about a year old, he or she will probably have already gotten used to dry food.

That’s why you can begin to add more dry food, little by little, to their feeding chart.

Treats can still be given once a day, but stirring in the dry food, instead of on top, might help them get used to it. One half cup twice a day is perfect for this age.

10-11 week old Maltese puppy:

Once your dog is a year old, you can divide its meals into three per day. It’s also important to stick to 1/4 cups of food per day in order to keep your dog healthy and growing.

It won’t hurt your dog to give it a treat every once in a while. It may even make them more active and energetic.

3-month old Maltese:

At this point in its life, a Maltese pup does not need much food. Keep the previous routine of feeding them twice a day, ½ cups of meal mix.

Dry food is good and so are frequent treats. This age is for good health. When clients come to us, we’ll provide them with personalized diet plans and customized recipes.

4 month old Maltese puppy:

You do not need to feed a Maltese puppy four times a day. Try adding dry food incrementally as the pup grows accustomed to its taste.

Treats are fine at this age, but try not to give them every day.

5 month old Maltese:

If your dog is very active then you should feed them 3/4 cups of food from this age. But if the corgi is not that active in this age, then you should keep feeding them 1/2 cups and treats occassionally.

If your dog is too lazy to walk to the refrigerator, you might as well go without treats.

6 month old Maltese:

As a Maltese owner, you should know that puppy’s like to play and be active at this age. Of course, that doesn’t mean they need a lot of food – it can even cause them health problems if they have too much!

Feeding them 1/2 cups of food, divided into two servings (e.g. morning and evening) is usually the best option.

At this point, dry food will not be a problem for your dog.

7 month old Maltese:

For a Maltese who is 7 months old, 1/2 cup of dry food twice daily is the appropriate amount. The number of treats could be increased, but not too often.

8-month-old Maltese: 

1/2 cup of food per day should be enough for a Maltese that is 8 months old. They will not need more food than they had been fed before. However, it depends on the physical activity.

If your Maltese is high-energy, it’s important to give them three meals a day instead of two.

9 month old Maltese:

When your Maltese is 9 months old, you should focus more on their dry food and cut back on treats.

They may not eat as much at this age, but be sure to give them plenty of food and water. You can treat them often because they don’t have a lot of food in the first place.

We recommend to not be alarmed if your puppy only eats around 1/2 of a cup of food. Putting extra treats in the mix can make up for any deficiencies they might experience.

10 month old Maltese:

A Maltese becomes an adult dog at around 10 months old. When this happens, their food habits will become permanent.

That means your Maltese will get used to eating 1/2 cups of food twice daily. Maltese dogs only need meagre amounts of food, so don’t worry if you buy too much for them.

Maltese are very selective about their food, and won’t be happy about a meal, whether it’s wet or dry food. They will only eat up to 1/2 cup of food every day.

Try not to be too pushy when feeding your Maltese dog. They’re a very sensitive breed that, on top of being small, has more of an issue with food sensitivities than other breeds. 

Feed appropriate portions and make sure they know they don’t need to take everything you give them, even if they really want it.

Maltese Feeding Chart

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week1 to 5½ cups552
3 week1 to 5½ cups552
4 week1 to 5½ cups552
5 week1 to 5½ cups552
6 week1 to 5½ cups552
7 week6 to 10½ cups552
8 wk-2 mo6 to 10½ cups552
9 week6 to 10½ cups552
10 week6 to 10½ cups552
11 week6 to 10½  or ¼ cups552
12 wk-3 mo11 to 22½  or ¼ cups552
4 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups552
5 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452
6 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452
7 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452
8 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452
9 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452
10 month11 to 22½  or ¼ cups452

Are You Overfeeding Your Maltese Or Not Feeding Enough?

Maltese dogs are very sensitive about their diet and digestive systems. They don’t require a lot of food, but that doesn’t mean that you should be lazy when it comes to their meal.

You should take care when deciding on the meal and food for your Maltese dog and puppy.

If you have a Maltese dog, overfeeding can be a problem, since they don’t eat much. The best way to see if your Maltese has been overeating is to check their poop.

If the poop appears to be too large and/or runny, then it may have been overfed.

When you feed your Maltese dog for the third time in a row, their poop in the morning is normal.

But at night it is soft. This is an early sign of overfeeding and gas coming from the extra food.

If you don’t feed your Maltese the right amount of food, they may exhibit the following symptoms: less energy, skin problems, and hair loss. They’ll be more susceptible to illness than usual.

How Often Should I Feed My Maltese?

Maltese dogs usually need two meals per day, which should be spaced out in at least six hours. Twice is enough to keep them full and healthy. 

Be sure not to leave them unattended with their food and your Maltese will have a nice appetite for the rest of the day.

For your Maltese, it’s a good idea to feed them about 1/2 cup of food twice a day. It can be dry food or regular dog food. 

Just know that you shouldn’t feed your dog more than two times a day – dividing the entire meal into two portions each time.

Recommended Feeding Time

In the early days of your new dog’s life, make sure he gets two meals a day: once in the morning and once again in the evening. This schedule will continue to work well as your Maltese pup ages.

For an adult dog, you can adjust their meal time according to your convenience. Consider dividing the day into once a day, and another one at night.

This will keep your pup energized throughout the entire day and before sleeping.

Final Thoughts

A Maltese dog doesn’t need to eat much food. Twice a day, give them half a cup of food each time. 

Make sure there’s dry food and other requirements as well because the dogs are very picky about what they eat and have sensitive digestion systems.

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