How Much Food Should a Pitbull Eat: Pitbull Feeding Chart 

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One of the most muscular and strong dogs is the Pitbull. These dogs have a unique combination of characteristics, from good to bad.

They can be loyal to their owners and be dangerous to others. Despite this, people often adopt them as pets.

Let’s find out what food Pitbulls should be eating.

How Much Food Should a Pitbull Eat?

There are a lot of questions surrounding how much Pitbulls should eat and this article will help clear some things up.

Feeding your Pitbull will vary by age. At the premature age, you should be providing puppy food from week 7 and before that, the puppies must have the mother’s milk and softened kibble. 

Meals should be unlimited this time and after, regular puppy food will work just fine. Pitbull puppies seem to be one of the strongest breeds, but that doesn’t mean that they are invincible. 

They need proper early care and a good diet in order to grow up strong. The best time to start them off right is on their first meal so they can see big changes when they grow up.

Puppies need the mother’s milk and in the mother’s milk, they’ll have the necessary antibodies to protect them from any kind of illness.

When you provide a pup with a bowl of milk, you can switch to kibble, so it can learn the technique of chewing and biting.

When caring for a puppy, you should provide puppy food before they become adults. However, it’s not just about keeping them fed; you’ll need to maintain a regular feed schedule. 

If they don’t get food often enough or properly during the premature stage, they can experience health problems or mournful behaviors if they’re an adult.

If you don’t give your dog the adequate amount of food, it will be just as bad as if you starve them.

More food causes obesity in pets so they will eat more and may have issues associated with overeating, such as diabetes or hip dysplasia.

2-3 week old Pitbull:

A Pitbull puppy needs care from its mother during the very first stage of their life. The puppy should not be taken away from her for at least six weeks after birth.

This is an example of when you should contact a vet. You can also give the pup 2-3 cups of soft food every day, three times per day starting after 3 weeks.

4 to 5 week old Pitbull:

While the puppy is just a little older, it will have better control of its body. That means the puppy will need more food to explore its surroundings. Though for now the puppy needs food from its mom’s milk.

There’s a lot to take care of in the early days, but don’t worry!

One thing you can do is continue giving the puppy food mixed in with its mother’s milk. Right now, one-fourth of food and three-fourths of water is required.

6 to 7 week-old Pitbull:

The puppies will start to get hungry and they won’t want to drink their mother’s milk anymore. At this point, you should give them both water and food. 

You want the puppies to be fed properly so that they grow up healthy and strong. The mother is trying to keep her distance so she can have time for herself as well.

Eating three to four meals a day can help you maintain your weight.

8 to 9 week old Pitbull:

For the next three months, puppies cannot drink their mother’s milk. They must take a full course of dog food and maintain 4 x daily feedings of a maximum of 2-3 cups at each time.

The Pitbull will eat up to 14 cups of food a day– which is the recommended amount for them.

10 to 11 week old Pitbull:

Three months have passed and your Pitbull will be more enthusiastic about the environment around it.

It’s a good idea to be careful, since at this point your pup will start eating anything so if you don’t want to clean up any messes we recommend taking care of feeding him or her.

Provide your pup with a schedule that feeds him 3 to 4 times per day.

3-month-old pitbull:

This is the time when Pitbulls need plenty of food, energy and exercise. At this age, the puppy will be active enough to walk and play on a regular basis.

The Pitbull needs to be fed 3-4 times a day to grow quickly.

4-month-old Pitbull:

The Pitbull breed is strong and playful. They will grow as they engage in playing. Your Pitbull may be quicker or slower at maturing, but don’t worry about it. You can keep the same food cycle going for all of your Pitbulls.

A 5-month old Pitbull:

Pitbulls usually reach adulthood at 5 months of age. Despite that, you’ll still need to maintain 3-4 cups of food per meal and 3-4 meals a day. But, at this age your Pitbull will be gaining more weight and require more calories.

6-month-old Pitbull:

There’s not a lot that changes in a dog’s life at 5 months old. Just maintain your dog’s diet according to its weight, and make sure they’re getting enough exercise.

7 month old Pitbull:

As the Pitbull is growing, just maintain the food cycle. With that in place, your dog will know its surroundings and will be trained well by the time it grows. As a result, not much care is required. 3-4 cups of pup food per day won’t be enough to maintain your Pitbull’s needs.

You should consume 4 to 5 cups of food each day and maintain this diet.

8 month old Pitbull:

Some Pitbulls will grow to 40-50 pounds by the time they’re six months old, but their food intake per day may stay at 4 to 6 tablespoons.

That’s not enough for them to grow properly, so they may become prone to skin problems, obesity, and other weight-related issues.

9 month old pitbull:

It’s recommended to feed your Pitbull twice a day when it is four-six months old. There is no need to maintain the food cycle. If you do continue feeding them daily, they may find this challenging.

10 month old Pitbull:

It’s hard to get a Pitbull to lose weight, but you have to provide the right amount of food. You can give him different types of food that are low in calories, but don’t go over their daily calorie allowance.

Pitbull Feeding Chart

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week2-3Mother’s Milk115Unlimited Time
3 week2-3Mother’s Milk264Unlimited Time
4 week3-5Mother’s Milk330Unlimited Time
5 week3-5Mother’s Milk447Unlimited Time
6 week5-10Mother’s Milk552Unlimited Time
7 week5-102-3 Cups of Puppy Food6544 times a day
8 wk-2 mo5-102-3 Cups of Puppy Food7024 times a day
9 week5-152-3 Cups of Puppy Food7504 times a day
10 week10-152-3 Cups of Puppy Food8404 times a day
11 week10-202-3 Cups of Puppy Food9304 times a day
12 wk-3 mo10-202-3 Cups of Puppy Food9724 times a day
4 month15-253-4 Cups of Puppy Food10173-4 times a day
5 month15-303-4 Cups of Puppy Food12993-4 times a day
6 month20-353-4 Cups of Puppy Food14913-4 times a day
7 month20-404-5 Cups of Puppy Food16742-3 times a day
8 month25-454-5 Cups of Puppy Food18482-3 times a day
9 month25-504-5 Cups of Puppy Food19322-3 times a day
10 month25-504-5 Cups of Puppy Food20202-3 times a day
Pitbull Feeding Chart

Are You Overfeeding Your Pitbull Or Not Feeding Enough?

To check if you’re overfeeding your Pitbull, look at how the pup moves their bowel. If they go less frequently than they did earlier, then it’s likely that you’re feeding them too much.

When your puppy has gas issues and you can smell it in the air, this is a sign that they may not be eating properly. 

If your Pitbull is gaining an unusual amount of weight or having digestive troubles, adjust their food schedule and see if this improves the situation.

If your dog shows symptoms like soft stool, diarrhea, vomiting, and laziness all of the sudden in addition to a lack of appetite, it could be from an incorrect diet. If none of these other symptoms are present, you may need to change their diet.

You should never abuse your Pitbull by underfeeding. Some owners do not take enough care of their little puppies. This is a direct offense against animals. 

Don’t adopt a dog if you aren’t confident about feeding it. There are a ton of problems Pitbulls face when they are under-fed.

If a dog is underfed, then it will have a lower level of energy. Not being motivated to go for a walk or having tummy struggles are common symptoms of low energy levels.

If the condition becomes more severe, the dog can also experience skin issues.

How Frequently To Feed Your Pitbull?

Pitbulls should be fed a high-quality diet of kibble and canned food when they are very young.

However, nursing is the only good thing for them to eat during their first 6 weeks from the day they are born until weaning.

The Pitbull puppy should not be fed until they are slightly mature at 3 months. Then, begin feeding them food on the food chart below. From weeks 7-12, feed your pup 4 times each day and 2-3 cups.

After that, from the 13th week to the 24th week, they need meals 3 to 4 times a day.

Day by day, your mealtimes will shrink due to the amount of food you’re eating.

So, after 7 months they’ll still be eating puppy food but four of five cups a day and two or three meals.

Recommended Feeding Time

All animals need to eat on a schedule to maintain their health. For newborn pups, there is no specific recommended feeding time, so they can eat whenever they’re hungry.

Puppies should be eating 3 to 4 times a day, after the 12th week. Generally, it is recommended that your pup eats breakfast at 7 am.

Feed your puppy breakfast at 5 am, lunch at 12 pm, and dinner one hour before they are going to sleep. This schedule may change as they get older.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Pitbulls, think about both their weight and their age. Providing food that matches this ensures they don’t just grow bigger over time while eating more and staying the same size. 

This includes maintaining a food chart. Don’t be lazy to feed your dog or allow it to eat too much when it’s not active.


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