How Much Food Should an American Bulldog Eat: Feeding Chart

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To ensure that your dog has proper nutrition, it’s important to feed them on a schedule.

This can help avoid the side effects of overfeeding, which may result in digestive problems and other health issues. 

However, it’s even more critical when it comes to breeds like American Bulldogs because they have specific needs around food.

If you’re an American bulldog owner, you know that they are a large and muscular breed, which means their eating habits need to be monitored. 

That’s why in today’s post, we will discuss the optimal amount of food an American bulldog needs daily.

How Much Should An American Bulldog Eat?

American Bulldog puppies need to eat at least three to four times a day. Feeding at that age should start at about three cups of food per meal. 

Once the puppy reaches adult size, it needs two feedings per day, about two to three cups of food each time.

The American bulldogs are a muscular breed and they’re also used as stock dogs. This breed is used as guard dogs for large farms and home-grounds.

Their feeding schedule, their portions, and frequency need to be perfectly set up. The American Bulldog is a powerful breed that needs to maintain its shape.

This means consuming a meal with many nutrients and calories per day, which allows the dog to maintain a healthy weight. 

A Bulldog can consume between half to three portions of food every day, not including treats.

As adults, the size and age of a Bulldog is something to take into consideration when choosing their food. However, it’s different for puppies.

As they are growing and developing, tiny pups require more nutrients-dense food than adults who only need a predetermined amount of sustenance every day. 

The amount of food given to American Bulldogs may vary depending on whether they are adults or puppies.

To choose the right amount of food for an American Bulldog, it’s recommended to consult a veterinarian. 

Since they have a big appetite, American Bulldogs can have significant health risks from undereating or overeating because of their large appetite.

When it comes to your Bulldog’s diet, one of the most important factors is its age and weight. Below, we will discuss the age-based meal frequency and Portion for American Bulldogs:

2 to 3 week old American Bulldogs:

American Bulldog puppies require a three-to-four feeding schedule, with meals comprised of three to four cups.

Puppy food is most often used in this feeding regimen and should be completely replaced with adult food by the time they reach 10 weeks.

4-5 week old American Bulldogs:

Four to five week old American Bulldogs should follow the same guidelines as the two to three week olds.

For growing their body, the American Bulldog needs to eat these meals three to four times per day. The portion size of each meal varies from three to four cups.

6 to 7 week old American Bulldogs:

The average American Bulldog may eat 3 to 4 cups of food per day.

However, this changes as they require more nutritious components to grow. They can eat more frequently than three to four times each day.

8 to 9 week old American Bulldog puppies:

American Bulldog puppies can eat three to four times a day, with a portion ranging from ⅔ of a cup to three and a half cups. 

The quantity can be raised based on the pup’s age, but you can’t force them to eat three to four times every day if you do so.

10 to 11 weeks old American Bulldog: 

American Bulldog puppies should be fed 25 to 30 calories for each pound of body weight. 

As American Bulldog puppies grow and add pounds, the calorie requirement will increase, which might make them require more frequent feedings. The average portion size for a meal would be 2 to 3 cups.

3-month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldog puppies under 3 months old need two to three feedings per day. 

For each meal, they should be given ⅔ or 3 cups of food. It’s important not to let the dog underfeed, because it is progressively becoming mature and needs more food.

4 months old American Bulldog pup:

At four months old, an American Bulldog needs the same amount of food as one that is three months old. Be careful with meal quantities though, as it can affect the health of the puppy.

5-month old American Bulldog:

American bulldogs who are 5 months old need more than 1000 calories per day. They should be fed with two or three meals per day.

6 month old American Bulldog:

It may be necessary to modify the diet of an American Bulldog that is six months old. 

For American Bulldogs under six months old, one meal every day should suffice. However, if you feed it two times each day or three times each day, that’s perfectly fine too.

7 month old American Bulldog:

A bulldog who is seven months old only needs to have 1-2 meals each day because at that point, it is an adult.

8-month-old American Bulldog:

American Bulldogs usually need two feedings per day. Each meal should range from 2 cups to 3 cups.

But be careful about feeding too much or not enough, otherwise you could end up overfed or underfed.

9-month-old American Bulldog:

American Bulldog puppies in their first year of life should have at least 3 meals a day and as many treats as they can handle.

10 month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldogs can be fed 1-2 times per day because they become adults at 10 months.

But be cautious and watch what they eat–too much or too little food can put your dog in danger.

American Bulldog Feeding Chart:

Are you overfeeding your American Bulldog or not feeding enough? It’s time to consult an expert.

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week2 lbs to 4 lbs3 cups to 4 cups54 cal to 104 calories3 to 4 times
3 week5 lbs to 7 lbs3 cups to 4 cups135 cal to 189 calories3 to 4 times
4 week7 lbs to 10 lbs3 cups to 4 cups189 cal to 270 calories 3 to 4 times
5 week9 lbs to 11 lbs3 cups to 4 cups243 cal to 297 calories3 to 4 times
6 week10.5 lbs to 13 lbs  3 cups to 4 cups283.5 cal to 351 calories3 to 4 times
7 week12 lbs to 15 lbs3 cups to 4 cups324 cal to 405 calories3 to 4 times
8 wk-2 mo15.5 lbs to 16 lbs3 cups to 4 cups418.5 cal to 432 calories3 to 4 times
9 week17 lbs to 19 lbs 3 cups to 4 cups460 cal to 513 calories3 to 4 times
10 week19 lbs to 21 lbs 3 cups to 4 cups513 cal to 567 calories3 to 4 times
11 week20 lbs to 25 lbs3 cups to 4 cups540 cal to 675 calories3 to 4 times
12 wk-3 mo25 lbs to 43 lbs3 cups to 4 cups675 cal to 1145 calories3 to 4 times
4 month31 lbs to 59.4 lbs⅔ cups to 3 cups 837 cal to 1603.8 calories2 to 3 times
5 month39.7 lbs to 67 lbs⅔ cups to 3 cups1071.9 cal to 1809 calories2 to 3 times
6 month47 lbs to 78 lbs⅔ cups to 3 cups1269 cal to 2106 calories2 to 3 times
7 month53.2 lbs to 89 lbs   ⅔ cups to 3 cups1436.4 cal to 2403 calories2 to 3 times
8 month55 lbs to 95 lbs1 cups to 2 cups1485 cal to 2565 caloried1 to 2 times
9 month58.7 to 103 lbs1 cups to 2 cups1584 cal to 2781 calories1 to 2 times
10 month63.5 lbs to 107.9 lbs  1 cups to 2 cups1714.6 cal to 2913 calories1 to 2 times
American Bulldog Feeding Chart

The amount of food you give your American Bulldog wholly determines if you’re overfeeding or underfeeding it.

If the dog belongs to a certain weight range, then an overfed-dog will have the same weight range. But, if your dog is underfed, you’ll find its full weight range.

Heading to the pet store? Keep in mind that an American Bulldog that is 8 months old and weighs 95 pounds has been overfed. 

That same dog is underfed if his weight is below 56 pounds. However, it’s important to keep track of your dog’s calorie consumption to avoid either problem.

How Frequently To Feed Your American Bulldog?

Your American Bulldog’s eating regimen is age dependent. Because it affects whether they’re overfed or underfed, how often they’re fed plays a crucial role. 

For instance, American Bulldogs can be fed three to four times a day to two to three times for dogs that are less than six months old.

American Bulldogs will generally reach their full body size by the age of eight months old, at this point you’ll need to feed them more often. Older American Bulldogs require twice-daily feedings as they may overeat.

Recommended Feeding Time

How much food should an American Bulldog eat? They should have three to four feedings per day, including at least two cups of the dish.

It’s important for developing their vitality that your American Bulldog’s foods consist of quality nutrients.

Typically, American Bulldogs no longer require three meals a day as they near adulthood. Young dogs can be fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Older dogs can be fed breakfast and dinner–and the occasional treat to improve their temperament in between the two.

Final Thoughts:

As the dog grows, the range of food required also changes. The puppies will require more food and can eat from three to four times a day to grow at a healthy rate. 

Adults require less food and can eat only one or two times per day without risk of overfeeding.


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