Get Ahead on Your Winter Skincare By Lexi Pike

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  • Get Ahead on Your Winter Skincare  By Lexi Pike

We know that winter is notorious for drying out basically everything. We cover our whole body in layers to prevent all of the dry skin, so why don’t we do things to protect our face. As we head into the winter months it’s important to remember to keep our skincare routine up to date and at the forefront of your thoughts. We’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to help your skin this winter.  

  • Moisturize At Least Twice Daily 

Applying your moisturizer immediately after cleansing your face will help keep your skin moisturized from the outside in. Doing this twice a day will help ensure your skin stays moisturized all day. Choosing a rich moisturizer that will create a barrier for your skin from the harsh elements. Look for a moisturizer that also has some SPF in it. Though it seems unnecessary during the winter months, the sun can reflect off of the snow and actually be harsher on your skin and dry it out even more than during warm summer months. You will also want to consider a gentle cleanser. A harsh cleanser will strip your skin of the necessary nutrients and make your skin feel harsh and tight. 

  • Exfoliate

During the winter your skin will get a little flakey. By using a gentle exfoliator your skin will appear brighter and more youthful. By removing the dead skin from your face the cleansers and moisturizers will be able to go deeper into the skin and will be more effective. In addition to your cleansers working harder, if you wear makeup it will also be applied smoother onto the face.  

  • Warm Baths

During the winter months, it is tempting to escape the cold with a hot shower. However, this is a bad idea when it comes to your skin. Hot showers will dry out your skin big time and if you don’t have a good enough moisturizer to combat it then you could be in a world of hurt. Instead, opt for a warm bath every now and then. After getting out of the bath, however, make sure you moisturize your whole body. Avoid too many baths also due to how it dries your skin out. You can always opt for a warm shower to have less harsh effects on your skin. You can also reach for a humidifier to help keep your skin extra moisturized. This will have a similar effect to the steam from a hot bath. Try a cooler shower and then use a humidifier after to help your face stay hydrated as it looses so much of it during the winter.

  • Consider Your Diet

Switching up an unhealthy diet for a better one can help your skin too! Fruit contains antioxidants and antioxidants help fight damaging chemicals that can build up in your body. They help clear your skin and can combat aging. Certain fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, and peaches contain antioxidants and will actually help hydrate your skin. What kinds of food you put in your body will affect your skin type. If you are eating oily foods it can be coming from fried foods and even alcohol. If you notice these problems you can add certain fruits and supplements to your diet to help your skin. Fish and fish oil pills are great to help clear skin and you can consider adding whole grains and veggies to your diet also. 

  • Facials

Winter months are the perfect time to get a facial. If you haven’t ever had a facial before now is the perfect time to do so. Facials will counteract the intense cold that comes during the winter months. There are many different kinds of facials to receive. Between removing the dead skin and massaging moisture into the skin helps rejuvenate the skin and increases blood flow and will hold your skin over until spring. Different facials target different things and have different benefits. So call an aesthetician in your area and ask them which one you should get for this winter. 

This winter is going to be brutal for your skin so starting to work against the clock and weather by starting a new skincare regimen now and getting into good habits. Starting now will help prepare your skin for the harsh elements to come. Start by eating healthy and cutting fried foods and alcohol out of your diet and replacing it with fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants. Get a strong moisturizer with SPF in to help against the harsh cold that is bound to dry out your skin. Continue washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser to keep dirt and bacteria off of your face. Avoid hot showers because they tend to dry your skin out during the colder months and opt for a cooler shower but use a humidifier to help keep your face moisturized.


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