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Of course, you must have put a lot of effort and hard work in building your app. Now, after all of this, if you are still worried because you want it to be the best in every aspect, we understand.

The biggest concern after the development of an app is what if it gets rejected by the app store? This one little thing (not so little actually) can turn the entire plan upside down and it can become your worst nightmare.

The numerous hours that you have invested in planning, building, and testing will be lost to nothing and it will feel like a complete waste of energies. No one wants to feel like this, right? You don’t have to worry anymore because in this blog we are sharing some dope tips that will make the Apple App Store fall in love with the app you have made.

If you follow these strategies correctly there are good chances of it being accepted. Once it is done there is nothing stopping you from showing it to the world. These tips will make this distressing task a little easier for you.

Consider The Boundaries

Apple-like apps that are unique and have something new to offer for the users. Originality is the first demand by Apple App Store. Still, you need to be cautious and play within the safe limits.

Considering what similar apps have done before you is a good way to start with. Observe the app from your genre and try to figure out a general guideline. From layout to graphics, from design elements to features; research on everything.

Also, have a look at their App Store descriptions and compare yours. Look out for the trends there must be a few for every industry. Try to implement some of these trends from your industry into the app.

Exploration and experimentation go a long way and these two are essential for the success of an app but you also need to add some familiar features as well.

Apple Store reviewer is more likely to approve an app that resembles the apps approved before it. It makes the process quicker too and you will get approval sooner.

Detailing In Description

A description is one of the most vital parts of the app developing like it or not. This is a way to make others understand what your app is about. Even the Apple review team considers the description of a significant tool to assess the app.

Your app description has to be detailed and full of 100% accuracy. This is the sure-fire way to succeed in the review process. A compelling description can work as a ticket to the App Store for your app.

You have to follow a general guideline but you cannot sound too similar to any app. This is one of the major reasons for the rejections. The description is your chance to convince everyone that your app stands apart and it has something unique to offer.

You need to explain here how and why your app is different from several others in the App Store. You need to tell why users need this app and what they will find different in it?

If you want your app to do well in the review process you need to make sure you have clearly explained all of the mentioned characteristics. Don’t try to throw in your thoughts in the description only. Always get it to proofread and ask others for their suggestions and if it is explaining your app accurately. Sometimes even the best mobile app design services struggle with descriptions and that is enough to understand a need of a professional. 

If you have a budget you can also hire a professional writer to provide you a description that matches your app perfectly.

Simplify And Stick To Essentials

We understand the urge to develop an app with all the incredible features that you have dreamed about. However, the general consensus is against this fanciness. You have to strip down the features and simplify the app if you want it to pass the tests of the App Store.

New features can always be added later the essential part, for now, is to get it approved for the basics. The simpler the app is, the easier it is for Apple to test it. When you keep the functionality basic, apps get approved fast.

When an app is submitted for the approval of the number of bells and whistles should be as minimum as possible. This will save you time and also it will get your approval in lesser time.

Follow The Directives

Apple has been quite clear about its policies since the beginning and that makes submitting an app easier. Apple Store directives state the requirements clearly. If you are not into reading the complex writing you can go through the App Review Guidelines Comic Book. You will find comic illustrations for the rules there.

However, the cursory overview is not enough to understand the demands fully. You need to spend a good amount of time inspecting components of the app in order to make sure it is not going to be rejected.

Patience Is Vital

If you are thinking that once the submission is done, it is over for you, not so fast!

The process of review can take a long time. You may have to conjure all the strength and have the patience to wait. A few years ago the waiting time would stretch to a month almost. As time passed, the process has become smoother and it requires less time.

What If It Gets Rejected?

Sometimes you have done everything right and ticked all the boxes in a checklist but still, the app gets rejected. Don’t lose hope although we understand how discouraging it can be but you have to make a comeback.

Review the reasons for rejection in-depth, if there are any problems outlined specifically work on them. Also when you are re-evaluating you may find some issues that have not been highlighted by the reviewers, correct them anyway.

Be persistent and focus on planning and preparation more. You need to believe that you can create an app that exceeds expectations.



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