Happy Weekend

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It was the ‘happy weekend mood’ at home. Ria and Ravi planned to go shopping with their daughter Pari. They were still planning, when the phone rang and it was Ravi’s friend Param on the call. He too wanted to go for shopping and said, “Let’s have dinner together, post-shopping.”

The plan sounded perfect, so Ravi asked Ria, “Kya khethi ho phir… Chalein?” Ria said, “Theek hai, lekin bahut der tak nahi, warna Pari tired ho jaayegi.” Ravi nodded his head and confirmed his plan to Param. At 5:00 PM, they all met and proceeded towards the shopping mall in Param’s car. Ria and Ravi along with Param & his wife Nitu we busy doing shopping. After a while, Ria wanted to check for watches so Ravi told Param to take care of Pari until they are back as it won’t take very long. Param held Pari’s hand & was walking in the mall & checking a few items to shop not realizing that Pari is not with him.

He panicked & was shocked, he asked Nitu “Pari Kahan Hai…? Tumhare pass? Nitu replied, “Nahi to”. He called Ravi and asked if Pari had come to him. Ravi replied no. Why would she be with them? When she was with him. He then explained that Pari is lost. Both Ria and Ravi ran helter-skelter looking for Pari. Ravi informed the security head of the mall to keep a watch on a toddler, just 2 yrs old who is dressed in a blue and white dress as she’s got lost in the Mall.

Ria went crazy calling out “Pari, Pari” in every store in the mall. Tears rolling out of her and heartbeat racing. She called Ravi on his phone to check if Pari was found, but he said no. Nitu and Param both were in tears looking at Ria, she was crying furiously.

It was already 30 mins and no clue of Pari. Ria sat hopelessly looking at the shops.

Suddenly she just started to walk towards the last store they had been on the same floor of the mall. She asked the security guard outside if he had seen a baby girl in a blue and white dress, he replied ” Haan ek Bacchi hai ander”.. hearing that Ria ran and saw Pari sitting on the billing counter sad and alone. The moment Pari saw her mom she cried “Mama why did u leave me” Ria hugged and kissed Pari. She replied, “sorry beta and it won’t happen again”.
Ria called Ravi immediately and told that she had found Pari. Ravi came running, only to see Pari in the arms of Ria, he also hugged her and kissed her. Param and Nitu felt really planned to go shopping being so irresponsible.

Ravi and Ria were more than happy that they got their Pari back and had forgiven Param and Nitu.

It was a happy ending of the weekend that day. They had learnt a very important lesson that day. How fundamental it is to be a responsible parent and take care of your child in their presence and absence.

Reena K



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