Natural aquifer pool in Kasol


We had our morning meal and afterward we left Kasol for Tosh. First we took nearby transport to Manikaran as there is no immediate path for Tosh, Manikaran is near Kasol and you can arrive at just in a short time through neighborhood transport, from Manikaran we changed our transport and took transport for Barsaini. As Barsaini is last stop till where you can experience transport and after that possibly you can take taxi or can trek to tosh. We decide to trek to tosh which is around 4 km from barsaini.


External perspective on Hot spring


Trekking to Tosh, in the midst of huge amounts of day off


Trekking is the most ideal approach to arrive at tosh as the view that you will see during that is simply astonishing. Slopes secured with day off, sun beams falling on slopes is central matter of fascination. You will see numerous nearby individuals voyaging either through bicycle or vehicle, however for the most part explorers from outside incline toward trekking.


As we finished our trekking and arrived at tosh, it began pouring thus we halted at a corner bistro for tea, subsequent to having light bites, we began searching for inn to remain. As you will move from that point you will see limited way, yes way as there is no solid streets, simply thin way to move between different places.


As tosh is on slope so you will discover dangerous ways and generally it was snow surrounding, it was very tricky to walk, we were taking assistance of one another hands to stroll starting with one spot then onto the next. There was an inn simply close to that bistro with name: pinki didi, yet nearby individuals disclosed to us that on the off chance that you need to appreciate real excellence of tosh, at that point you ought to pick inn at slope top.


We chose to go to resort at slope top , so we skipped pinki didi resort and began going at slope top, however trust me as you will begin strolling increasingly more at top, you will discover streets getting progressively troublesome, we had no trekking equipement, nor we had any such shoes, yet at the same time as we were six individuals we began strolling through one another assistance , we additionally took help of nearby individuals to realize how to reach at top, moving to slope top is bit troublesome yet once you will reach there, you will realize how justified, despite all the trouble was.


View While trekking to Tosh from Barsaini


Slope top of tosh was totally secured with day off, took a few pics and afterward we began searching for lodgings to remain, there were numerous inns like: pink floyd, slope top, blue precious stone. We checked offices and rates in each lastly we pick blue jewel to remain. There we got a major live with 5 beds which was adequate for 6 individuals, we were all wet, as it was coming down when we were trekking to slope top of tosh, so we chose to play in day off then change. We secured our room and went to play in day off, were actually freezing in that temperature, and it was near – 2 degree celcius around then. Treks around Tosh are a very lucrative option for trekking enthusiasts who wish to trek in the Tosh Valley.The valley opens up as we go up. The tosh glacier is at the top with a cross over to the lahaul district.


Subsequent to playing we changed and came down the stairs to appreciate blaze orchestrated by inn. Inn was very ordinary and there were 3-4 young men and they were overseeing everything, from cooking to tidying up to room administration, everything. Inn even don’t had any menu card, they simply cook roti, chawal, daal and aloo ghobi and possibly you eat it or don’t eat it,there was no other choice. We were so eager around then that we even ate chapati with sugar.


In the wake of eating we went to our room, yet soon what we saw that snow fall has begun and it was so wonderful. In outrageous dull, white snow fall, snow was looking as white cotton balls are tumbling down, it was exteme intriguing.