How Custom Gift Boxes Affect Our Buying Decisions?

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First impression counts and this applies to product packaging too. When retail shelves are swarmed with an infinite variety of products under one niche, the packaging is your last hope to turn the potential customers into buyers. That’s why a high percentage of businesses are swiftly preferring custom gift boxes to house their products. But in the real world, how much do bespoke gift boxes affect the choices customers make when shopping?   

Frankly, brands barely have seven seconds to make an impression on prospective customers. Not only an attractive gift box design instantly grab customers’ attention, but it also remains effective in swaying the customers to make quick purchase decisions. Study shows that one-third of the customers’ buying decisions are based on packaging. This means the packaging is more than just a container to encase your goods.       

However, if you think it’s all about the quick, first impression, then think again. The quality is another crucial factor to consider. According to research, 52 percent of the buyers avowed they are likely to return to a brand or business for another purchase if they receive their order in exquisite packaging. While 90 percent of the shoppers revealed they reuse packages after purchase.

If your brand manages to pull this off, your customers will become your marketing channels as 40 percent of them would snap and share the images of your product and packaging. This action will inspire their friends and family members to buy from you.

Here is what else can inspire customers to buy your products.      

Customer Behavior

Custom gift boxes design and colors can have a significant impact on customer behavior. Hues are incorporated in packages to draw attention. However, one should choose the colors by keeping their marketing goals in mind. For instance, children’s breakfast cereal packages come in bright and vivid colors that are critical to attracting a young audience. In contrast, healthy cereal boxes use more pastels and white to portray a softer image that is perfect to attract adult customers. Emerging brands can take cues from these examples and develop a packaging that engages their ideal customers.

Brand-Named Packaging

Consumers often associate a brand’s image with how it packages the products. For this reason, technology companies ensure their packaging solutions should also have a sleek and innovative design. It helps project the image a tech firm wants to project. Similarly, brands that sell soft drinks use unique bottle designs that allow buyers to consume their drinks easily. In the same way, if your brand wants to stand out, unique custom printed gift boxes would make it easier for the customers to distinguish your products from the rest.

Color Configurations

Products that fall under the same category often embrace similar packaging design and color. For example, luxury brands prefer to go with hues like silver, gold, and black. White, on the other hand, is frequently used by brands that sell cleaning products. Lavender is another color that is widely used to provoke the feeling of spiritualism and attract buyers of new-age. Bright hues are also paired with black to exude energy and sophistication. On top of it, this deadly combo gives the brand an edgy look.

Protective Packaging

Packaging can tarnish consumers’ experience if it fails to protect the product on the shelf or during transit. Custom gift boxes carved out of sturdy packaging materials can help you prevent these breakages during shipping. As a result, your returns and damages costs will diminish and the integrity of your brand will remain intact. Using out-of-the-box designs and greener packaging solutions also helps reinforce your brand identity among the target customers.  




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