How Much Should a Morkie Eat: Morkie Feeding Chart

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Among all the breeds of dogs, Morkie is one that is small in size and looks adorable. Dogs are cute animals.

Let us provide you with the information you need on how much you should feed your Morkie and some other information we think will be useful to you.

How Much Should a Morkie Eat: Morkie Feeding Chart

It is recommended that your morkie consumes 200 to 500 calories a day. The amount will depend on how old your Morkie is.

In the case of a puppy Morkie, 300 – 500 calories may be required each day, whereas in the case of an adult Morkie, 200 – 300 calories may be required.

Since Morkies are small animals, they usually consume a tiny amount of food. On average, a Morkie might need 1/2 – 1 cup of food per day.

As their growth rate and weight are lower than other dog breeds, this is a reasonable amount of food.

Your Morkie will need a certain amount of food based on its age and weight. The quantity of food that your Morkie will need increases as it gets older and heavier.

A Morkie’s growth slows with age and after a certain age, it will stop. Therefore, you must know your Morkie’s weight and age to provide the right amount of food.

The following information will provide you with an idea of how much a Morkie can eat at different ages.

2 to 3 week old Morkie:

It is recommended that a two to three week old Morkie should eat around 56.5 grams of food per day. At this age, Morkies are called puppy Morkies, and they have a rapid growth rate.

You should feed your Morkie at least three to four times a day at this age as it consumes a small amount of food at each feeding.

4 to 5 week old Morkie:

At 4 – 5 weeks of age, a Morkie should eat around 85 grams of food per day. The amount of food increases gradually over time.

6 to 7 week old Morkie:

It is recommended that a 6- to 7-week-old Morkie eat around 142 grams of food per day. Morkies grow rapidly at 6 – 7 weeks of age.

To gain weight, puppy Morkie will need a heavy diet, which needs to be fed 4 times a day. The amount of food that it will need will increase a lot.

Morkies 8 to 9 weeks old:

At 8 – 9 weeks of age, Morkies should eat around 113 – 142 grams of food per day. At this age, Morkies’ growth rate begins to slow down gradually.

It is important to remember that if your Morkie needs 142 grams of food at 8 weeks, it may need between 113 and 120 grams in the next week.

Morkies 10 to 11 weeks old:

The amount of food your Morkie will need at this age is an equally distributed cup of dry and wet dog food at this age.

The food should be fed twice a day at this age, but the interval can be gradually reduced depending on Morkie’s behavior.

3 month old Morkie:

It is recommended that a 3 month old Morkie eat around 85 grams of food per day. At 3 months old, the Morkie’s growth significantly slows down.

It is normal for a Morkie to grow weight at 3 months. Do not be alarmed as this is how their bodies work.

4 month old Morkie:

You will need to feed a 4 month old Morkie about 113 grams of food three times a day evenly. From the age of 4 months onwards, Morkie will require about a cup of food.

Morkie 5 months old:

The 5 month old Morkie should eat around 142 grams of food every day. Morkies are in their last month before they become an adult Morkie.

In order to transition your puppy from a puppy to an adult Morkie properly, you will need to increase the amount of food you give it.

6 month old Morkie:

It is recommended that a 6 month old Morkie eats about 113 grams of food per day. At 6 month Morkie is called a new adult Morkie.

At this age, your Morkie will become more active. You will also need to start introducing a two-meal system to it.

7 month old Morkie:

Typically, a 7-month-old Morkie should eat about 113 grams of food per day. At this age, any dog should be fed at this frequency.

It might be difficult for your Morkie at first. However, it will adapt slowly over time.

8 month old Morkie:

Depending on the weight of your Morkie, you may feed it 90 – 120 grams of food. If your dog is underweight, feed it 110 – 120 grams.

If your Morkie’s weight exceeds the chart limit, feed it 90 – 113 grams of food.

9 month old Morkie:

Around 85 grams of food should be consumed by a 9-month-old Morkie.

As your dog reaches 9 months of age, you should consider how much food it needs based on its activity.

The amount of food you should feed your dog should exceed 85 grams if he is active.

10 month old Morkie:

Around 113 grams of food should be consumed by a 10-month-old Morkie. When a Morkie reaches this age, it is said that its growth has almost stopped.

The amount of food you feed every day should be 1 cup from this age onwards.

Morkie Feeding Chart

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 week1.1½ 444
3 week1.4½ 564
4 week1.5¾604
5 week1.7¾684
6 week2.01¼ 804
7 week2.41¼ 964
8 wk-2 mo2.71¼ 1084
9 week3.411363
10 week4.711883
11 week5.212083
12 wk-3 mo5.4¾ 2163
4 month6.012403
5 month6.71¼ 2683
6 month7.412983
7 month8.013202
8 month8.413362
9 month8.7¾ 3482
10 month9.013602

Do You Overfeed Or Underfeed Your Morkie?

A Morkie needs the right amount of food for proper growth. Overfeeding or underfeeding may cause various problems.

A Morkie should be fed properly to prevent issues like becoming sick, contracting diseases, being malnourished, and many more.

You need to feed your Morkie the proper amount of food based on its age, weight, and size.

It is possible to have problems as a result of overfeeding if you feed too much. A lack of feeding may result from not feeding the required amount.

You can tell if your Morkie is overweight if its weight exceeds what it should be at its age. Another way to determine if you are overfeeding is to see if the Morkie gets tired often.

Your Morkie is fed too much if it is tired and not active for its age. You can say that your Morkie is underweight if it does not meet the necessary weight according to its age.

You can cause this by not feeding your Morkie properly. Your Morkie will become less active, sleep all the time, and be more aggressive during this time.

The Morkie may be hungry because you aren’t feeding it properly.

How Frequently To Feed Your Morkie?

Morkies need to be fed two to four times a day, depending on their age. Depending on its age, your Morkie needs to be fed more frequently.

It is called a puppy Morkie if your Morkie is younger than 6 months old. Puppy

Morkies are required to be fed multiple times throughout the day since they require more food than adult Morkies.

Morkie puppies should be fed three to four times a day. If they are younger than three months, they should be fed four times a day.

During this period, their growth exponentially increases and they require a lot of calories.

When your Morkie reaches 6 months of age, you can feed them twice a day since their growth will slow down and may not change that much. Hence, you can feed less and give them more food per serving.

Recommended Feeding Time

It is recommended that you feed your Morkie in the morning and evening.

A Morkie’s digestion time is around 10 – 12 hours after each serving, so feeding him twice a day is reasonable.

In contrast, puppy Morkies can consume less per serving because of their small size. They also need a lot of energy because of their rapid growth rate during this stage.

Feeding your puppy Morkie should be divided according to its daily caloric requirement.


It will require between 200 and 500 calories of dry and wet dog food, depending on its age.

Morkie puppies and adult Morkies require different amounts of food. A puppy Morkie needs 300 – 500 calories of food, while an adult Morkie needs 200 – 300 calories.

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