How to Choose the managed router service that best suits your needs

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Add description for your Article from here.Whether you need dedicated broadband Internet access, a point-to-point connection, or a multi-site network, the consolidated communication router service is managed according to your needs. Our Managed Router services provide reliable network solutions for businesses, governments and education with daily proactive monitoring, ticket issues and responsible customer service.

Choose the managed router service that best suits your needs:

Ethernet dedicated internet access (E-DIA) – Designed for organizations that require a highly secure dedicated connection between a local area network (LAN) and the public Internet.

Ethernet Managed Line (E-Line) – Provides dedicated point-to-point connections over integrated networks instead of public Internet to improve quality and security.

 There are two types of E-Line solutions.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) – Provides a point-to-point connection for each circuit.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL – Ensures Network Transmission With the multiplex service, 

Ethernet Managed LAN (E-LAN) – The ideal solution for many organizations, which will extend your original Ethernet environment in many locations via our private network. E-LAN managed has two options.

Ethernet Local Area Network (EPLAN) – Provides universal connectivity and allows traffic to travel directly to their destination for fault-friendly business continuity.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) – It provides an additional layer of control with VLAN identifiers that identifies sites that can communicate directly with each other.

MPLS VPN – Designed specifically for enterprises that use multi-service applications and multi-sites, MPLS-VPN WAN offers various access modes and speeds available, as well as several classes of services. The ubiquitous IP network is used to provide flexibility, scalability and ease of use. All client traffic is protected by separate routing cases and tunnels equivalent to Tier 2 technologies. CCI manages the routing of all traffic between client sites.

Reliability: High availability, service levels and proactive 24×7 network monitoring.

Dedicated connections:. You get dedicated connections through the largest fiber optic network in northeast New England.

Symmetric speeds:. Our service offers equally high loading and unloading speeds.

Easy to manage: we eliminate the complexity of managing services using proactive error reporting and dashboards to track performance and usage. We also manage and maintain routers.

High scalability: with bandwidths from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, we can meet your data needs today and tomorrow.

Full integration: do you think of managed WiFi or VoIP? Managed Router services can be combined with other advanced voice and data solutions.

Support: fast response time.

Network engineers provide:

• Complete installation and testing services.

• Continuous monitoring of routers and network connections to avoid downtime and respond quickly to problems.

• Diagnose network problems.

• Local technical support team and call engineers

We solve complex problems with routers

• Any network infrastructure is managed by routers. Most importantly, routers work properly to avoid expensive and bad weather. Managing routers is not an easy task, particularly with growing networks. Failure to properly configure, monitor, maintain and protect devices and connections can interfere with the security of the network.

• The solution is to manage the router. With over 20 years of experience in providing high performance online services, we are a reliable service provider for businesses in San Francisco Bai area. We have the knowledge and experience to manage complex router sites and to ensure the smooth management of routers.

Benefits of the managed firewall

Network security is a top priority for today’s businesses. Hackers, security threats and network attacks are a constant threat. New security threats are constantly finding ways to limit networks. Firewalls are an effective solution to network security issues. However, they must be strictly maintained to provide adequate protection and to provide critical information and sensitive data effectively. Outsourcing your firewall is a cost effective solution to ensure maximum network security.

Managed firewall services include: 

 • Help set sets of strict rules

• Firmware settings

• Keep up to date with updates on current functional improvements

• Proactive firewall backup to prevent security leakage in emergency situations

• Meet all regulatory requirements

• Quick notice if firewall breaches are detected

The companies we work with depend on Linn to ensure their networks are safe and working 24/7. Increase network performance and allow your IT department to target other projects. Get Managed router and firewall services from service providers with more than 24 years network management experience.


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