How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?

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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?

Having a Wikipedia page for your business is a smart marketing tactic as Wikipedia is one of the fifth most top ranking websites around the world. There is no doubt in saying that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, but businesses today are using Wikipedia as a marketing platform to add credibility to the company boost their online reputation. Besides that, having a Wikipedia page about the organization allows the prospects to understand your brand and its process without having any promotional tone to it.

Most businesses consult a Wikipedia page creator to help them to create a well-researched Wikipedia page for the business. However, you can also create a Wikipedia page by following the Wikipedia guidelines and the steps below.

1. Create a Wikipedia Account

The first step to creating a Wikipedia page is to make an account on Wikipedia. Having a registered Wikipedia account makes you a credible writer and editor making it easier to publish a page on Wikipedia. You can click on “create account” on the top right corner of the Wikipedia page and feed the information required to create an account on Wikipedia.

2. Research And Edit Before You Write Your Article

Before you start to write your article, make sure that you have edited some pages at Wikipedia with authentic references and information. To edit a page on Wikipedia, you simply need to click on “edit this page” on the top of the Wikipedia page and edit the information with authentic information. Along with that, you need to make sure that you cite the information so it can be published on Wikipedia.

3. Choose Your Topic

Choosing a topic to write information can be a daunting task as you need to maintain the neutrality of the content and the topic. Decide what you need to enter in the article and research for the information from credible sites to make your information wiki-worthy. Remember that Wikipedia does not publish promotional content so you need to enter information that is not promotional but informatory and can influence the audience to do business with you.

4. Create A Page

In order to create a Wikipedia page, click on “ask for the page to be created” in the Wikipedia search result if it doesn’t have any information on the topic. After you click on the link, you will open more links taking you to a page containing the Wikipedia guidelines, rules, and warnings that you need to keep in mind when writing your information.

5. Use The Wizard And Sandbox

Clicking the Wizard link will provide you with two options: one, to start your page right away and second, to use the sandbox to make sure you have provided the right information so you can, later on, edit it to make it perfect. In order to create a page, you can choose any of the two options mentioned above.

6. Make Sure To Cite Your Content

When you open a Wikipedia page for information, it is likely that you have noticed the small numbers beside the text, which are linked to reference links from where you can get more information. This is one of the major aspects that you must remember while writing information for Wikipedia. Make sure that you provide a reference to every claim you make in the information as proof that it is true.

7. Monitor and Update

Your job does not end at creating a Wikipedia page; you must keep a tab on your information, so it does not provide any misinformation to the readers. Wikipedia has a user edit nature which means anyone having a Wikipedia account can edit the information present on the platform. So make sure that you monitor your page and toggle on the notifications to keep updated on any change made in the article. Along with monitoring, you need to make sure that you keep updating the information on the page in order to provide fresh information to the audience.


As we move into the digital age, more people have access to the information, which makes it important for a business to have all the facets of the internet covered to achieve marketing goals.




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