How to fix QuickBooks error C=1304, Solution to Resolve

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QuickBooks regularly shows issues and mistakes. Since it provides a large amount of information and data, these issues will occur. One such issue is called QuickBooks Error C = 1304. This is an issue that surfaces when you are starting or refreshing your bookkeeping application. During this issue, Customers got the message that says – mistakenly writing to record. The customer must guarantee that they can get that index.

Before you go ahead and settle this particular error, it is fundamental that you understand its reasons.

Main Causes of QB Error C = 1304

QB blunders C = 1304 are some of the reasons for emergence, A part of common causes is recorded below:

  • There may be a problem with the framework’s CD drive.
  • Similarly, this issue arises when a person uses a damaged CD.
  • Due to a loss or tainted Microsoft .Net component.
  • The customer may not have sufficient authority to obtain that index.

In this blog, we will able to fix 1304 mistakes in every powerful way. In the event that you are facing comparable issues, for example, QuickBooks Error C = 224, at the same point you can search for an answer for this in our blog segment. You can directly contact with QuickBooks Support team for any type of help and support from experts.

Step by step instructions to solve QuickBooks Error C = 1304

Solution 1:
  • The client is required to replicate all installation records from the CD to the framework’s hard drive. Follow these straightforward steps to do it this way: –
  • You have to start by starting the QB DC in the CD drive. If the installation process starts individually then snap to Quit.
  • Move the cursor to the start button and right-click on it.
  • Currently, select Open Windows Explorer
  • We have scheduled you to copy all the installation records before creating another envelope. Place it in an area where you are open, for example, ‘Work Area’.
  • Search for a record called ‘QuickBooks CD’; Right-click on it and choose Explore.
  • On the off chance that you explore aside, you will have the option to search for QuickBooks and third-party organizers with the Setup.exe documentation.
  • Duplicate both envelopes by selecting them simultaneously through your mouse – and right-click on them.
  • By clicking Options, click Copy.
  • Return to the new envelope you created earlier.
  • Paste your copy record to this specific envelope.
Solution 2:

Introduce QB programming from duplicate organizers to your hard drive.

  • Keep your data safe and make a copy of your files, This may be helpful to you to retrieve your data back.
Solution 3:
  • Apply the installation CD of QuickBooks to an optional PC in the system.
  • In the event that the installation starts naturally, click on the installation window.
  • Open Windows File Manager, right-click on the CD-ROM and choose Sharing and Security.
  • Check the Share this folder checkbox.
  • Apply and then OK.
  • Right-click the My Computer symbol, select Computer Name and click Full Computer Name.
  • Press the Windows + R key on the PC where you need to start QuickBooks.
  • Type \\ (PC name with QuickBooks CD).
  • Hit and double-tap the letter of the drive near the CD.
  • Currently double-tap the arrangement record to start the installation.
Solution 4:
  • Follow the setup.exe document and then double-tap on it. Once you do this, the installation process will begin.
Solution 5:

Some directions will appear on your screen, follow each one of them and complete the installation process.

Resolve QuickBooks Error C 1304 with Manual Restore


  • Start your PC profile and sign in as an administrator.
  • From the Start menu, go to All Programs, Accessories and System Tools then finally to System Restore.
  • A window will open, there you will have to “Restore my PC last time” and click on the next one.
  • You will need to choose the newest structure to subtract from ‘Recently this rundown’, click on the updated reduction list.
  • Snap to Next and continue.
  • It is important that you restart your PC framework after rebuilding.

Use the Repair Tool to fix QuickBooks Error C = 1304

Any client can download the Repair device application as it is completely free. This is important for you because it fixes the differences that you see when using your bookkeeping programming. When you use this tool, you will understand that it can remove all contaminated records and substances from the QB without any stretch.

Steps to download this repair tool: –

  • Type ‘Download Remeasure Repair Instrument’ on your program, select Primary and start the downloading process.
  • When the process stops, double-tap on the arrangement document from the ‘Download’ envelope.
  • This will immediately run the installation process.
  • You can find User Account Control on the screen briefly; Just click yes and proceed with the following step.
  • Confirm that your Internet connection is ready for action because the filtering process may be interrupted.
  • The filtering highlight of this tool will naturally check all the special in your information record.
  • When the exam is over, all tainted and affected records will appear on your screen. Just click on the repair button with them.
  • Hold until the entire fixing process is done.

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These are a part of the required advances that will enable you to settle the QB defect C = 1304. Every arrangement is attempted by our gifted and experienced experts. For any issue in understanding the means, you have to contact us through our helpline number. On the occasion that you have any questions related to this, you can leave a comment below.


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