How to record sales in QuickBooks Online – Sales Workflow

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Hi there samohay here. And today, I am going to show you the sales workflow in QuickBooks online. It’s an area that’s pretty confusing for a lot of people.


So today we’re gonna break it down into three simple steps, so that it’s not confusing. And you’ll see that it’s actually pretty easy to do. All right, let’s get started. So the first thing we want to do is record our invoice.


So we’re gonna go to new invoice and we’re gonna put in our customer’s information. So I’m in the test drive file, and I’m just going to kind of put in whatever is here. So we wanna make sure that we have our complete customer’s information on file.


Their name, email address, and our terms, our billing terms, as well as we wanna make sure that the items are clear. So that there’s a good description. There’s no question on what’s being invoiced and we’re gonna plug in our rate and we’re good to go.


You can attach anything that you need to hear, for example, contracts, receipts, anything that pertains to this invoice. So once we’re done with that, we’re going to save and send.


So our next step is to record the payments. So once your customer pays your invoice, if they’re paying by check, cash or PayPal for example, we’re going to wanna record that payment.


So we’re gonna go to the invoice that we just created, and we’re gonna just click on receive payment. So let’s say you’re paid by check on August 12th, we’re gonna put in check, reference number and we’ll always deposit undeposited funds.


And what this is, is a temporary holding account in QuickBooks online. And the check or the payment is going to be held there until you actually deposit it at the bank. So once we have recorded the payment, we’re gonna save and close. And then our final step is to deposit that payment bank deposit and QuickBooks online.


So whenever you go and do your actual bank deposit at the bank, you’re gonna wanna come into QuickBooks online and record the same transaction. So you can record a single deposit or multiple. So if you had three checks that you deposited at the bank, you’re gonna come in here into the bank deposit window and check off the three that you’ve deposited.


So for this one, we’re just gonna do a single deposit. That’ll be our check here, and we wanna make sure it’s the correct account that it’s going into, the correct date and everything looks good.


If you had cash that you also deposited, with that, you’ll record it here. So you can add funds to the deposit there. And then we will click save and close. And that’s how you do that.


Now, if you’re using QuickBooks payments for example, so your clients, you’re sending the invoice to them electronically, they’re getting in their email with a link in that email to pay online, so they can pay by a credit card or ACH.


You’re not going to need to do that, the last two steps there. You’re only gonna have to record the deposit, you’re not going to have to do receive payment or bank deposit because QuickBooks does that automatically, on the back end for you.


So it cuts out the work, but if you do get paid by check, cash, PayPal, or anything else, you’re gonna have to go through that three-step process to make sure that everything is being  recorded correctly and is accurate and matching to what’s flowing into your bank feeds.


So if you have any questions on that, let us know, we are happy to help. Just leave a comment below. Also share with a friend who might be struggling with some of these things in QuickBooks online.


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