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Being the owner of the Blu-ray media player, if you are willing to stream Hulu content, then check out the steps to link your Hulu plus to Blu–Ray.

All the Hulu users, which series are looking forward on your Hulu streaming list? When you have Hulu as your streaming partner, then it’s natural to have the ultimate bunch of entertainment on your big screen. With the extensive treasure of content, Hulu has managed to mark its position in the list of leading streaming services in the market and also the top choice of all the worldwide users out there. If you are just beginning with the streaming service, then you can head to Hulu com activate to activate the device that you will access to watch Hulu.

Breaking the barriers of waiting for your favorite shows, Hulu has changed the scenario of watching the TV. The official website of the company can be accessed for free, which provides less number of programs. While, with the subscription to the Hulu Plus, you can easily head to access the seasons of different programs.

With the trending changes and competition, the company has been continuously involved in upgrading its Hulu library to render the best possible streaming experience to all the available users in the world. In the progressive mode, the company has recently made a deal with the 20th Century Fox. According to the deal, Hulu has been allowed to stream more than 3000 TV episodes on its streaming platform, which is a great step to provide access to the fresh content to all the users. Besides this, the company has also teamed up with Spotify (music streaming service) to offer the cheap streaming bundle to all the college students.

Apart from having the perfect streaming service, it’s also important to have a compatible streaming device to stream the content to the big screen of all the users. In the list of such devices, Blu-ray is one of the fine streaming devices which allows you to watch out the episodes of all the popular movies and TV shows on the TV set. While using the Hulu Plus service permits its subscribers to legally access the TV shows on your computer, mobile, tablet, or Blu-ray player.  You can head on to link the Hulu Plus from a compatible Blu-ray player by heading to download the app and then logging in to the service.

Steps to link Hulu Plus with Blu-ray

Step 1- Firstly, head to link the one end of the network cable to the RJ-45 port on the back side of the Blu-ray player and the other end on the router or modem.

Step 2- Head on to download and install the Hulu Plus app if it is required. Some of the Blu-ray players have got a native version of the app, and the others need to download it manually. For manually downloading the app, just head to the Blu-ray player’s app store and then search for the “Hulu Plus” and then choose “Download” or “Install.”

Step 3- Now, head on to start the Hulu plus app by heading in the “Applications” menu of Blu-ray player. Then, choose “Log in to Hulu Plus” by using the remote control and then access the on-screen keyboard to enter the required account credentials.

Step 4- Lastly, head on to choose the “Login” and then press the “Enter” or “OK” button on the remote control.

After following the steps, if you get any tech barrier with the service, then head on to Hulu professionals to get the tech support and assistance.