How to Turn Yard into a Winter Wonderland

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In the heart of winter, it can be easy to feel like there’s not a lot that you can do to make the landscaping in your yard better than what it is. After all, anything you do is only going to be washed out by the winter snow. However, you can make your yard reflect the beauty of the season by turning it into a winter wonderland if you apply some real thought about it. The secret is to use mainly white decorations with some light blue scattered throughout. You’ll also want to make sure you have decorations that will show during both the day and night. 

Hang Lights Galore

When night falls, let your yard light up the neighborhood—literally. Use lights to frame your house, targeting along your porch railings, the roof, the chimney, trees, bushes, and anywhere else you can think of to accentuate your home’s natural charm. Use white or yellow lights and perhaps a few light blue ones that are strewn throughout. This is a helpful article that can help you plan using lights to add winter charm throughout your yard’s landscaping.

Decorate Trees and Bushes

You’ll definitely want lights on your trees and bushes for when it gets dark, but you’ll also want decorations on your foliage that can be seen during the day. Look for glittering, white ornaments to hang from the branches. Make it a family affair and let your children help you make paper snowflakes to decorate the trees. If you don’t have any trees in your front yard, you might want to think about putting up a frosted artificial tree or two. This is a good article that talks about how to prepare the greenery in your yard for the cold winter months. While it might be late this year, next year try out using some of those tips to prepare your yard for winter.

Embellish the Front Porch

Whether your front porch spans the width of your house or it’s just a few steps leading up to the door, you can still decorate it to accentuate your winter wonderland. Put a white, frosty wreath on your door, and set up small, frosted, artificial trees or piles of plastic snowflakes on the steps. Use your space to your advantage, whether you have a lot or a little. 

Add Lawn Accessories

Leave Rudolph in the garage, and instead, pull out frosty the snowman, a white, glittery sleigh, and white Christmas trees to adorn your front yard. Keep it simple, but elegant, and use the size of your yard to your advantage as you place your accessories.  

Enhance Natural Beauty

Nature will provide its own winter wonderland, but you need to keep it looking neat. Encourage guests and family to walk on the sidewalks instead of through the snow to keep it looking fresh instead of trampled or flat. 

It’s especially important to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear. Not only will this give your winter wonderland a neat appearance, but it will also protect your driveway from the elements, especially if you have an asphalt one. Keeping the snow clear will help prevent cracking and frost heaves that you will have to repair when the snow melts. 

Your entire neighborhood will be awed at your beautiful, white-themed yard. Just do your best to keep up with it so that it stays looking nice and to prevent any damage you’ll have to repair later.


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