How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation?

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How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation?

How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation
How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation

The charm and popularity of Public Services jobs can never fade because they provide security, social status, decent salary, and opportunities to work for the people at the grassroots level. These are the reasons why every year over 6 lakhs candidates writes Prelims, a qualifier for Union Public Service Commission examination.

UPSC is one of the toughest and longest exams in our country. Candidates who qualify Prelims are eligible for Mains. The final round of the exam is the Personality Assessment Test. Many aspirants miss the chance of becoming an IAS officer because they either fail to recognize their mistakes or keep repeating them.

Many IAS coaching institutes in Delhi take regular classes as well as online IAS coaching to ensure the success of the aspirants.

If you have been preparing for the UPSC exam then you can’t afford to make even a single mistake. One silly mistake can cost you your dreams of becoming an IAS officer. Most of the candidates read about the success stories of IAS toppers, their lives, and struggle but not about their mistakes.

Beware Of Common Mistakes

It is important to know about the common mistakes that aspirants commit while preparing for the UPSC exam and rectify them on time.

How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation
How UPSC Aspirants Can Avoid 6 Common Mistakes During Preparation

Below is the list of some mistakes that IAS aspirants commit during preparation and tricks to avoid them:

Make A Study Plan And Stick To It

IAS aspirants often don’t follow the study routine they have made for themselves strictly. Their study plans are either too hard to follow or too lenient to lead them to desired result.

Candidates make routine by cutting down on their sleeping hours. This can have a harmful effect on the health of aspirants and might distract them from the goals.

The syllabus of the UPSC exam is vast and can’t be covered without proper planning. Candidates taking IAS coaching are trained to develop a habit of self-study besides classroom lectures.

A routine is a must to carry-on the IAS preparation and ensures success. You need to know how to manage time.

Fix the time limit you need to spend on a particular subject or paper and prepare accordingly.

Avoid Reference To Many Books

You rather settle with a few suggested books as a reference than to unknown/unpopular books. Read them, get used to them, and make notes from them.

There is plenty of study material in the market for the UPSC exams. You need to find the one you are comfortable with. Choose the best for yourself and carry on with your preparation.

If you are taking IAS Coaching in Delhi then study materials would come handy with it and you don’t have to search for the best ones.

Study from the limited study material. Too many books would confuse you and you might end up completing not a single topic.

Do Selective And Smart Study

Have a thorough knowledge of syllabus and question weightage of the topics in the question paper.

The syllabus of UPSC is broad. It’s not possible to learn and know everything. So, skip the unimportant topics and focus on important ones.

It’s essential to work hard while preparing for the UPSC exam but that doesn’t mean you would study everything blindly. Smart preparation is important.

The UPSC syllabus covers almost everything from science and technology to the world history. There may or may not be a subject of your interest. So, it is suggested to not go in-depth of that subject but learn something about it.

You Have No Alternative—Make Notes

Write your answers every day. You don’t have any alternative to increase your speed and improve writing skills. So, keep practicing the subjective questions until the day of the mains examination.

Many IAS aspirants commit a blunder by merely reading the books and not writing or making notes on the topics. Notes and flashcards are important for the daily revision and quick revision right before the exam.

Best IAS coaching institutes in Delhi help their students to practice subjective questions within limited time-frame. They also evaluate and assess their answer sheets and correct mistakes.

Don’t Forget To Revise

One of the most common mistakes that most of the aspirants make is by skipping revision.

You have covered all the topics, read books, and have made notes. But unless you revise the topic, you can’t recall everything in the examination hall.

Schedule your revision time and make sure you recover everything before the exam.

Go With The Trend

You have to be in touch with seniors and know about the trending pattern of the UPSC question paper.

Don’t forget to prepare from the previous year question papers because you would get an idea of most and least important topics.

Develop a habit of re-reading questions

While writing the exam, don’t forget to read and re-read the questions. Sometimes questions are tricky and need proper attention to solve.

Final Talk

Best IAS coaching in Delhi provides techniques to the IAS aspirants to avoid common mistakes while preparing for the UPSC exam.

Incase you are a beginner then take help of IAS coaching institutes to avoid common mistakes and ensure your success.

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