Improve your drafting with a multi-purpose CAD platform

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When it comes to professional drafting and drawing tools, AutoCAD has long been the undisputed industry leader. This also means its proprietary file format DWG is by far the most common. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of architects and other professionals have long been reluctant using a competing product. However, just because AutoCAD might have the biggest share of the market doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice. Enter nanoCAD Plus from Nanosoft, a worthy contender that offers an instantly familiar user experience, full compatibility with the DWG format, and a wide range of new features and pricing plans.

Nanosoft offers various specialized versions of its increasingly popular professional drawing software. nanoCAD Plus, costing only $180 for a one-time purchase, is also available through other methods of acquisition. You can also download a free trial or choose a temporary subscription. It has all the features and functions you would expect from any industry-leading professional drawing suite. The interface is instantly familiar to AutoCAD users thanks to its intuitive layout and minimal learning curve. Aside from native DWG compatibility, it also offers powerful drafting and design tools and a completely open API. Moreover, it’s backed up by regular updates.

nanoCAD Plus includes the full suite of basic and advanced drawing tools for creating industry-standard DWG drawings. You can also open any existing DWG files in the program and edit them just as you would in AutoCAD. Any professional should have no problem getting started with the software. But, even more importantly, it provides some unique functions, including a fully collaborative and customizable feature set and other tools which you won’t find in a lot of other CAD platforms. It’s intended to bring your design and drawing workflows to the next level while also making it very easy to migrate from any other well-known CAD suite.

Sporting tools for fast and efficient design, nanoCAD Plus helps designers spend less time on repetitive manual processes and focus more on billable work. The fact it is so customizable also makes it more adaptable to your preferred workflow. For example, you can use the tool palettes for quick and easy access to your favorite blocks, scripts, and hatches. At the same time, you can avoid feature bloat by hiding the functions and features you don’t regularly use. Instead, all your favorite things are just a single click away. Another unique feature is the dynamic input engine, which gives you a simple command line interface at your crosshair.

What’s new in nanoCAD Plus 20?

The team at Nanosoft recently launched a major new update with lots of new features and improvements. nanoCAD Plus 20 includes dozens of new commands as well, making it one of the most feature-rich budget-priced CAD programs. Some of these new features include drawing comparisons, bounding prisms, a system variable monitor, and a built-in script editor. Improvements have been made to the undo/redo feature, dynamic input engine, and notifications for external references.

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