“In Search of Her” True Love

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She flows like a river
Stills like a gentle breeze
And water in a deep
Warm like the embrace of a dearly loved one
Like a sweet dream
Wished not to be awoken
True love

She appeases the heart with peace
Relaxes the mind with joy
Keeps the body beautiful
And the skin smooth-shining more than the power of the lotion
True love

She is hard to find
May not be found
Many have not found her
Millions scramble for her
Countless hearts wounded for her sake
A Billion minds damaged in search of her
A million souls interned cos are rubbed of her
Yet, a precious gift of the costliest price
Smells better than fragrant
Gladdens the heart more than rubies
Gives peaceful and fruitful life
And live longer than age
People admire her
And appreciate those who have her
True love

She is a beautiful rose for the nose to smell
Beautiful laughter and smiles on the lonely face
A radiating light to the darkened heart of hate
She makes a man appreciate life and wish to die no more
True love

From one Source she is made
With one spirit
And of one aim-peace and love
Has only one giver
Find Him
You’ll have her
True love.


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