More than 91% Indian Students want to continue their studying abroad plans

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Indian Students want to continue their studying abroad plans

As there is still Covid-19 cases in the world, then also Indian students are interested in studying abroad. But the number is decreased as COVID-19 is still there in international countries. 17 per cent of students said that they will decide this summer to go abroad and the rest of the students are still stuck to the Indian country due to Covid-19 pandemic disease. Many students do not know what are the medical amenities taken by international universities, or we can say what the precautions are taken by the universities. Now the Indian students can go for short term course according to the Leverage Edu


So what are the steps taken by the Indian students to go abroad


77% of students are interested to go to study abroad in the next 6-8 months most probably in October and January.

17% of the students told that they will decide on studying abroad this summer but, the rest of the students have delayed studying abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic disease.

Most of the 80% per cent of students prefer to choose the healthcare system of international countries mostly in countries like Canada and the UK, which are very famous for education.

75% of students told that most of the students are interested to go for postgraduate study while the rest of the 30% of students are interested to go for an undergraduate program.

The most popular country in which the students are interested to go are the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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Mostly the students are interested to go in Australia also as Australia is a very beautiful continent in the world.

There are so many beautiful places in Australia. There are a lot of facilities for the student in Australia for example they can work for 40 hours on vacations. International students who are interested to study in Australia University can work for unlimited hours while studying. Australia is considered as 3rd largest country for education after the USA and Canada. The students who have done graduates from Australia universities are considered as the best students as the education of Australia is top-quality education in the world.



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