Is it Safe for Babies to Sleep With Blankets?

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The new parents have their own bunch of questionnaires. Every journey of parenthood is different from others, just like the kids. The initial days are so confusing. While doing anything to the child, several questions and worries pop up on the mind. 

Is it safe to apply oil to the baby? What will be the ideal gap between the two feeds? Is it safe for the babies to sleep with a blanket? The last factor is really worrisome for most of the parents that keep them awake all through the night.

The sleep time is one of the most confusing times for them. Whether they are getting enough sleep or what is the sound coming from the baby monitor; several questions are there on the list. Along with the blanket and baby is a matter of great concern as the safety of the child is involved.

Can I cover the baby with a blanket at night?

It is advisable that in case your baby is under 12 months of age and sleeping alone in her nursery, you should avoid heavy blanket at night. It can cause the risk of suffocation, smothering, or even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

Along with that, it is not recommended to have a pillow, bumper pad, comforter, soft toys, or sheepskins in the crib. In case, the baby is co-sleeping with you then you can use the breathable and soft Cashmere Baby Blanket and wrap her well.

How to save the baby from the cold?

If the child is sleeping alone, then it is very normal for the parents to think about how she will be cozy without a blanket. Unless they feel warm and comfortable, they will not have a sound sleep. 

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However, for your infant, there is another way as well. You have to wear something warm and comfy and keep the room temperate on the warmer side. Always put an extra layer on the baby than what you are wearing at that time. You can also make a bed with the Cashmere Baby Blanket and lay the baby on it. It has been seen that babies sleep better on a Cashmere blanket as it provides the warmth. 

However, you have to make sure that no end of the blanket is loose and you have to tuck all the ends well to avoid any accident.

You have to keep checking your bundle of joy every now and then to find out whether she is feeling hot or cold. In case, the baby is feeling hot, the face will look red and she may be sweating. At that moment, remove one layer of clothes from her body.

When the baby can sleep with a blanket without any risk?

As per the doctors, it has been suggested that after the baby celebrates her first birthday, you can snuggle her up with the blanket. At that point in time, the kids are efficient enough to move blankets from their faces and reduce the risk of SIDS drastically. It is also advisable to use the Baby Blanket that is soft, breathable, and harmless. There will be no feeling of itchiness but a soft touch.


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