Is It Worth Being On Social Media?

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Is It Worth Being On Social Media?

I have been on surfing on social media since the MySpace days. It was fun being there. You got a chance to meet and greet everyone.

You knew who Tom was. It was so nice. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, and etc. Back in the day, things were fun and exciting. Now, you have the “mean girls” around.

You have people that praise you. Then, you have people trying to tear you down. It sometimes gets a bit much. I know for me I like being up there. I love meeting people and learning new things.

Then, you have the trolls around trying to bring you down no matter what. You have people killing people. People are committing suicide. It’s crazy nowadays.

I know today people use social media to help and grow their business. It can be used to get a record deal or get discover for the film business. Also, you need to be strong enough for the trolls.

They are lurking out there. I know for me, I love being there. I use Facebook for my family and classmates. I use Instagram for entertainment and to advertise my blog. I use twitter for political and local news.

I use snapchat to show my goofy side. When I feel overwhelmed, I do take a break from it. I like to meditate and connect to my mind, body, and spirit. Once I get happy, then I get back on it.

I try to not to let things get to me because it’s for entertainment. If I ever feel like it gets too much. I will delete everything and be happy without it.




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