Is Rabbit Repellent Safe For Dogs? (Read This First!)

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Some little animals are adorable, but not rabbits. If you’re a gardener, your garden may be in danger of being destroyed by the rabbits. 

But how do you keep those pesky bunnies away without hurting your sweet dog? Let’s find out together in this article.

Is Rabbit Repellent Safe For Dogs? 

Most rabbit repellents pose no threat to dogs, but you should make sure to follow the application instructions. Keep your dog away from the applied area while the repellent is working. 

Rabbit repellents are safe because they cause irritation in rabbits, including through their sense of smell, sight, taste, and touch.

Rabbits are low on the food chain so it’s easy to scare or repel them. Many rabbit repellents have an odor that makes rabbits feel scared, deterring them from the area.

One option is to use repellents that use eye and nose irritation products to deter animals.

You may know the pain of seeing and smelling a cut onion! Onions are more sensitive against rabbits and similar herbivores.

To keep rabbits away, some people use onions and chilli. Plants like onions have developed these irritative characteristics to protect themselves from animals that would eat them.

Is there anything worse than the frustration of trying to catch a rabbit and having it escape?

Well, now you can protect your property using rabbit repellents. They contain no harmful ingredients, so they will not harm your dog.

When choosing a rabbit repellent for your pup, you need to first check that it is safe to use.

However, there are many different brands and types of repellents available. Be mindful of what you choose, since not all of them are safe for dogs.

Homemade Rabbit Repellent:

Generally, traditional homemade rabbit repellent is safe for your dog. However, if you use poison or other harmful materials, it can affect your dog or even children and the environment.

When you’re living on an acreage or farm, your companion and farm animals are vulnerable to predators.

You, therefore, need a safe homemade rabbit repellent. To protect your family, pets, and livestock, we recommend making the following processes in the next part of the article.

Garden Repellent:

Garden repellent is safe for dogs because it repels rabbits by scent and taste. It also smells wonderful and is also safe for people, the environment, and other animals.

The product lasts for either a season or two depending on size. It’ll also last for up to a year if sprayed directly on plants against rabbits and deer.

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent:

Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent acts as a predator’s worst nightmare, in a spray form. The product is highly effective against deer and rabbits in close to medium range settings.

Not only does Liquid Fence® Deer & Rabbit Repellent keep animals away with its smell and taste, it also creates an unpleasant effect on their eyes and nose. 

If a rabbit tries to come near your plants, the spray will irritate their eyes and nose, and they’ll go away without trying to eat any of the fruit on your trees.

This product is harmless to humans and animals, and it biodegrades over time in the environment. It’s also rain resistant.

Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellent:

Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellent is a machine that emits the same signals as predators to scare away rabbits. It’s not appropriate for you to use if you have a dog, because your dog would be too scared of it.

One issue with ultrasonic rabbit repellent is that it stresses out dogs. Well, there are many types of ultra-sonic repellent, and even more than that if you consider all the different dog types. 

Some dogs will likely become accustomed to the sound, but why take a more risky path when it’s possible to deter rabbits in other ways.

Rabbit Scram:

Yes, Rabbit Scram is completely safe for dogs and they won’t ingest toxic components of the chemical—they’ll just steer away from the smell.

This product smells predatory to rabbits, is made of all-natural ingredients, and it’s safe for the environment. 

Pets and young children are safe from a rabbit scram. Even if you were to try, it won’t harm any rabbits.

What To Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Rabbits Without Harming Your Dogs?

There are a variety of methods to keep rabbits away. Starting with the most common methods, we’ll cover the easiest ones first.

Homemade rabbit repellent:

Do you have a rabbit problem? It can be hard getting rid of them, but homemade rabbit repellent is what you need. Here’s how to make it-

Fill the jar with water, and add the blended ingredients. Use dishwasher soap to ensure that no food particles are stuck to the jar or lid.

Let the bottle sit for one day after shaking it well. When the liquid has settled, you can spray it on your plants to keep rabbits away.

To keep your pets and children safe, make sure you lock them in the house. Wear protective sunglasses and gloves, and don’t get the repellent on your skin. Remember to turn off any fans or ventilation units near the time of application.

Another easy rabbit repellent that we can share is made with water and an egg. For this recipe, you’ll need to break an egg into a bowl and add two cups of water. 

Mix well and then pour the mix into a pump-style spray bottle you can use to coat your plants.

Eggs from the night before, once pinched and squished, will adhere to leaves. The scent of eggs are a surefire way to ward off rabbits and insects.

Your dog:

I’m not sure. But I think the rabbit will be too scared to come near if your dog is in the backyard. 

The bunny will run away after getting chased by your dog and stops coming back. I don’t know if it’s safe for the dog though, but it’s safe for the bunnies.

Commercial rabbit repellent:

Rabbits will be discouraged from coming around if you use the right repellent. Commercial rabbit repellents are the most effective, with repellants that smell strongly and use an onion and paper base.

Since they’re completely safe for your dogs and other pets, our treats are a great option.

This spray is especially potent and can cause harm to the eyes. Be sure to avoid them when applying, and keep children and pets away while spraying.

Rabbits typically avoid the smells of predatorial animals. Some repellents contain fox urine components, but they’re safe for animals and the environment.

That being said, I recommend not spraying them on your salad plants!


You might already know that it’s important to keep rabbits out of your garden. More than anything, the fence has to be tall enough so that they can’t easily jump over it.

It should also be at least one foot underground so they won’t be able to dig underneath the fences.

You can protect your plants with a fence, but more effective long-term is to plant thorny plants that deter animals.

Repellent plants:

Planting onion plants can protect the unsprayed plants in a garden from rabbits. They hate the smell of onion, and don’t go near it.

Other plants besides rabbit truffles can be used to repel rabbits from attacking your pups. Plant penstemons, lavender, hyssop, sages and common butterfly bush to repel rabbits safely.

Some flowers can be added as a nice addition to your garden. Especially-they’re low maintenance and will thrive whether you have small or large gardens.

Cat/dog litter box:

A litter box or a dog shedding in the garden can warn of predators. Rabbits will avoid those places and won’t come back.

For some people, training their dog to go near a garden can create an obstacle for rabbits.

Blood and bones:

It can be tricky to keep rabbits away from your garden. Here are a few ideas.

You can spread dry blood around your garden, or you could simply have the rabbits chew on bones that are too hard for your dog to enjoy!

The smell of blood and bone will make rabbits think the place is dangerous.

Is Dog Hair, Poop, Or Urine Effective In Keeping Rabbits Away?

Rabbits will run away from dog hair, poop, or urine because they associate these things with predators. In most cases, the sight of this type of debris will put them on the alert.

Some people found that this worked, but for some it didn’t. Fox urine is used commercially to repel rabbits and it works like a charm.

Dog urine and poop’s effects on deterring rabbits from an area are not as well studied. You can still try this method because it does not require too much extra effort. 

What about safety? Mostly, it’s fine. The dog pee will be broken down by soil microbes and the poop will likely increase the fertility of the soil beneath it.

Can Dogs Get Sick From Rabbits?

Dogs are susceptible to the dangers posed by rabbits. Rabbit poop is edible to some dogs because it smells and tastes good.

While usually harmless, this could result in dogs catching fleas or getting sick. So if you find rabbit poop on your lawn, discard them before the dog can eat it.

Rabbits have parasites that can cause sickness, diarrhea and kidney and liver problems. The sickness should be treated in time or it can continue to get worse.

Some dogs do not like rabbits. But those that do can chase them after catching them and eat them whole. This may cause a parasite infection in dogs.

If your dog eats rabbit, visit your vet. He may diagnose tapeworm deworming and prescribe treatment.

Final Thoughts

Commercial repellents are the safest and most effective option for your dog.

These products can be used when you’re not around and pose no risk to you or your pets. 

They will keep your dog safe, regardless of whether they’re indoors or outdoors.


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