It’s Snakes Around You!

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It’s Snakes Around You!



Chile, you got to be careful nowadays. People are out to get you.

The reason why I started my writing with that is that people today are sneaky. When you down, they love to be down with you. When you get up again, they are plotting to bring you down. I’m the type of person that I give everybody the benefit of the doubt. I also have my eyes and ears open at all time.

If I get a connection from you, there is nothing I won’t do for you. At the same time, I plot things and say things just to see who’s really in my corner and who’s there for an opportunity. I have people take advantage of me and treat me any kind of way. At the same time, I was lost and didn’t know myself. Now, I am so in love with myself until my intuition triggers me right away. It’s sad that I have to be on guard for the most part but sometimes you have to be to protect yourself.

I chose to write about this because it happened to me, recently. I was friends with someone for a while. I thought we had a connection instantly. Our life stories are similar. Everything felt right…in the beginning. I’m the type of person I’m loyal by default. When you hurt me or I feel the vibe is wrong with you, I will cut you out of my life.

I thought me and my friend was fine. One day, his friend came out of nowhere saying things that weren’t true about me. I was looking confused. I’m looking like, “where did this come from?” I’m cool with everybody but I don’t share myself with everybody.

For her to come at me like this…I was like something is up. I feel it in my spirit. So took a step back to analyze the situation. The question I was asking myself was: Where did this come from? Why is it happening to me? Who would feed this energy to her? When I answer the questions, it came back to my friend. I took me off guard. I thought our friendship was great.

After this incident, I was like why would he do this to me? I thought long and hard about it. It came to me. He’s not happy with himself. He has negative energy about him that will drain your soul out. I am a happy and bubbly person. I like to bring joy and happiness to everyone.

I guess he couldn’t take my personality. He tried to belittle me. I’m the type of person I rise above anything. I might be hurt but still, I rise as Maya Angelou would say. Today, I don’t talk to him anymore. I just step away from the situation. I have been happy and bless ever since.

Advice: Love everyone and be careful. The people you think is for me may not be right to you. Also, it’s good to know you can stand alone. Sometimes being by yourself is the best medicine for my mind, body, and spirit.

Jatanda Thomas



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