Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium

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Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium

Excite Submit Student Life Challenge #1

Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium
Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium






Student life is always the best phase of life, and its not only for me but for everyone. So, let`s look back and see what beautiful lessons I have learnt which were beyond the bookish knowledge and I feel like these events taught me so many things that no one or no book could teach me ever. While people are facing all this, I feel blessed that I have been chosen for this. My Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium wasn’t an easy one.

Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Yati, and have completed my masters in Physics. Let’s move back with time. I was in class 12th. Yeah, my 3rd board class first being 8th then 10th and finally 12th.
Somehow we all were handling ourselves, sorry trying to manage. Hey, don’t take it wrong handling meant the pressure, study, expectation, etc. This was and is still a common factor among all students. So what is new?

The difference was … A Science Math student of basically HINDI MEDIUM wanted to CHANGE THE MEDIUM, and this was not enough, so she had an ADDITIONAL SUBJECT and guess what is the additional subject was! It was BIOLOGY. I didn’t know why everybody else was so shocked as though they were required to write the exams on my behalf and tried there level best to drag me back quoting useless reasons.

“This is a board class why she wanted to do all the experiments this year?

“What if she fails?

“She must leave biology…

“She must not change the medium… blah blah blah…

But my parents asked me and supported me, and they took me to a coaching center where the owner asked me the same thing and then took my admission.
Then the cycle began…. everybody in that class was an English medium student except me. I explained to myself LANGUAGE DOESN’T MATTER WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE COMMAND ON THE SUBJECT.

After that, the introduction was done. As the classes started, one teacher came inside and he was greeted by everybody. he asked about my background and my percentage. Everything was quite normal till until he asked about my previous school and then medium suddenly the expressions changed. Then out of the blue, he asked me, “What do you mean by oxidation state?” and I replied addition of electrons. After looking at his face I felt confused because of his expressions and nodding, and then he asked again and again, and I changed my answer because of nervousness, and somehow I lose that.

Then he started questions answers with the class, and he admired and motivated everyone other than me. He even called one of the students with his notebook and also appreciated him. But, his attitude, body language, and expressions towards me were absolutely different. Suddenly for no reason, I was filled with shame and guilt. I felt like a culprit for no reason. I felt like hiding myself. This was the very first time when I wanted to hide… where I didn’t want to confront the teacher and for me that was the only period though was only of 55 minutes but seemed longer than usual.

Then as sir left a girl said ‘hi,’ and she tried to make me feel comfortable and she also told me that sir isn’t that bad may his mood wasn’t that good but she was also wondering as to HOW COULD SIR PRAISE A CHILD WHO NEVER SCORED MORE THAN ONE OR TWO IN EXAMS, AND WOULD ALWAYS GET SCOLDED BY ALL THE TEACHERS.

But I understood why he did that. Then I was thinking, and Next class began, and that was of physics quite regular and normal. From the very first day all this started, I tried hard to adjust especially in chemistry where I was getting continuous refusal not because I wasn’t learning or doing the home works but simply because I belonged to Hindi Medium.

The teacher who could be the reason to attend the class was the only reason I didn’t want to attend the class. There was no change in his behavior, and by then I was feeling humiliated in front of the class. Earlier it was only through the expressions, and day by day it was increasing. Like earlier, it was with expressions and then with body language and finally by ignoring my voice, my questions, and my doubts as if I didn’t exist in the class.

I never had the habit of telling about negative events at home so used to cry all alone. I never told anyone anything. Then one day I came from school, and as the time for classes came, I went to bed and said I didn’t want to go. Then all of sudden I would have stomachache then next day headache and so on… I thought that the excuses were working for me, but then Maiyaa (my mother) asked me when I would be done with excuses. So I refused directly I will not go, and that’s it. Everybody had a feeling something was wrong. But it took almost a month for them to ask me about this.

Then my elder sister asked me what is wrong I replied nothing then she asked me about the subjects I was able to understand all then after some time I replied to her that I feel humiliated by the behavior of Chemistry teacher like really bad, then she explained to me that THIS IS A MENTALITY OF PEOPLE THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THAT ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING AT ANY TIME NO ONE CAN DECIDE THE PERFECT TIME AND IF THIS TIME YOU WILL SURRENDER THEN THEY WILL GET EMPOWER WILL THINK AND TELL EVERYONE THAT THEY WERE RIGHT AND YOU WRONG SO YOU RAN AWAY.

From that moment I’d decided to fight against this psychology of the people. Not only for me but others too. I wanted to set an example that we can do anything. But I was still nervous about going there after a long time what will I say when they would ask me…? I decided to say that I was at my Nani’s house. I agreed but still…

Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium
Journey From Hindi Medium To English Medium

Now I needed tremendous courage to enter back to coaching. When I eventually did all started murmuring as they saw me then one asked me where I was since so long, and as I was prepared for this question, so I replied back.

Then most awaited period came, sir entered in the class, and I was praying he will not see me, but he looked at me and with a weird smile and asked me where I was, and I replied the pre-decided answer then again was rewarded with different kind of expressions. There was no significant difference in his behavior, and then three days later he declared exam of Coordination Compound. I studied hard to change his behavior, but after so much hard work I could complete only half of the chapter, and even I was happy that I would be able to attempt at least half of the section then I went to coaching, and I also took a copy to write down the questions. Slowly as I wrote the questions, I found all the questions were from the rest of the half chapter. I wished for one item from the first half of the section that I had studied, but there was none. Somehow

I dared to admit that I was absent at the time learning and then… sir got the chance and then he started criticizing me that, “you have wasted fifty paise that was spent on buying that sheet and so on.”
After all this, he told me to keep the sheet I had wasted on the table and to read at the end of the class, and if I found any difficulty, then I was allowed to ask him. So, I took my notebook and sat at the back. Then he was moving in the hall staring at me, and I was trying to learn and trying to ask but couldn’t.

He came to me and asked me if I have any question and everyone was shocked, including me and staring at him. Sir scolded everybody then explained a paragraph to me then looking at me steadily he asked me why have I filled the form and why I wanted to change the medium and why I have additional Biology with Math.

He explained to me how wrong my decisions are and tried to convince me to fill the form in Hindi Medium with only Math. I was silent. From next day ignorance was less. After certain days he asked me for what medium I filled the form? He was expecting the answer would be Hindi Medium while I replied English Medium, he was disappointed and nodded his head.

The day of another test came. I was worried after the exam everyone seemed to be very happy other than me. They were telling me how nicely they had written and the minimum score they will obtain is 16 out of 20. And I was speechless and terrified and next day came asked everyone how was your exam and taught us. The very next day he came with sheets, maybe one or two were unchecked, so he was busy in checking them.

Everyone was worried while some were confident, and all of a sudden sir smiled and announced, “ready for the marks?”

My inner voice said no. Announcement of marks had begun, and the marks were like- zero, four, three, eight, ten … And classmates who were saying they will score minimum 16 had scored only 10. I thought I was a gone case and will get no marks. By now almost all the students had got their sheet only I and two more were left.

At last, only I was left, and sir was staring at the sheet and then at me after a deep breath he announced my no. and that was 19.50 out of 20. At that time, it was a mixed feeling of happiness, nervousness, and shock. I don’t know even how to express. Then other girls were asking my sheet to see the score while I replied at least let me see where did I get the numbers. And then I found all my answers were right.

Now, it is the time for a change; sir scolded the whole class along with that he said you all should learn and feel ashamed a Hindi medium child scored more than you and all that. It was not clear whether it was appreciation or an insult, but I was happy with myself and also I got the chocolate from Physics sir for scoring highest in class. But that was the day when the change had begun.

Then my confidence came back, and expressions started to change. But it took almost three to four months. I had to suffer, but finally, I was able to improve everyone’s psychology and created a positive environment for myself to survive.

But I’m glad this happened this made me stronger and stubborn than before because this taught me that, “EVERYONE WILL CHANGE IF YOU ARE STUBBORN WITH YOUR WORK AND LOVE WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE.”


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