Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ Album Lyrics Imply He’s Discovered His Happy Place

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Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ Album Lyrics Imply He’s Discovered His Happy Place

When Justin Bieber published his fifth studio album, “Changes,” back in February 2020, it was thought to mark his successful return to music following years spent away from the limelight to focus on his mental health.

While the record debuted at the summit of the Billboard 200 chart, it received middling reviews for its obscure lyrics and bored, indifferent tone.

The artist has responded with a new record, “Justice,” that’s not only more powerful than its antecedent but implies Bieber has finally found the happier, more robust place he’s been seeking.

Appearing not long after Bieber confessed he was dealing with various “deep-rooted issues” including Lyme disease — not to mention his hurricane courtship of Hailey Baldwin — “Changes” felt more like an untimely endeavor at image reconstruction than a comeback.

Bieber penned on Instagram that “Justice,” which was released on Friday, was born out of his desire to produce “comfort” and “healing” to a world divided by suffering.

While it endures to be seen if the album will accomplish that lofty goal, it seems to make music has brought harmony and happiness to Bieber.

“It’s the first time I’ve had this much consistency and predictability,”

Justin Bieber reported to “Billboard” currently regarding his period used in quarantine.

“I think this is the first time in my life where I’ve actually enjoyed the process of releasing an album.”

(“Justice” was recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown.)

People who follow Justin Bieber on social media has seemingly seen a shift in preferences and routine. Unlike the juvenile, unstable singer of tabloid lore, the Bieber of 2021 speaks frankly regarding his mental health, adores his wife, and takes solace in his religion.

Oftentimes, he muses on his past mistakes; on International Women’s Day, for example, he posted a mea culpa admitting his earlier “naive” attitude and lack of empathy towards the female population, besides a heartfelt dedication to doing better.

Bieber has matured up, it seems. And that newfound mentality has resulted in music that’s sometimes cheesy, yes — the singer’s been identified the ultimate “wife guy” for a reason — but also mostly engaging and uplifting.

Justin Bieber's 'Justice' Album Lyrics Imply He's Discovered His Happy Place
Justin Bieber’s ‘Justice’ Album Lyrics Imply He’s Discovered His Happy Place

On “Anyone,” the third single from the album, Bieber sings about his love for Baldwin (a common theme on “Justice”) while musing on his past, remarking,

“Lookin’ back on my life, you’re the only good I’ve ever done.” Is it mushy? Yes. Does it make for a great song? Also yes!

On added uniformly sentimental single, “Hold On” (a song Bieber has defined as a “hopeful” tune about tarrying strong notwithstanding adversity), he volunteers himself up as a model of how people can transform for the better:

“We all know I should be the one/to say we all make mistakes… I know how it feels to be someone (someone)/feels to be someone who loses their way.”

Bieber, he desires us to know, has endured his personal battles and risen as a better man.

“Midnight ’til morning/call if you need somebody,” he versifies on “Hold On,” serving as the support system his younger self wasn’t lucky enough to have.

“I just want to be somebody who can say, ‘Look, I did some things that I’m not too proud of, but I took a look in the mirror and decided to make some changes, and you can too,”

Bieber told Billboard

After several years of turbulence, it’s invigorating to see the star both acknowledge his metamorphosis and turn that journey into meaningful art.


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